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  1. Indivisible except in nuclear cases.
  2. Never trust atoms. They make up everything.
  3. Everyone just feed Alex money to buy his credits so we can white peace and rebuild instantly. It’ll be like it never happened.
  4. “Nothing a little inspect element can’t fix” ~Future victim of being banned
  5. Come on kids, you're all beautiful. What's there to lose from white peace aside from losing your oh-so valuable street cred in an online browser game?
  6. *Insert inevitable reply of someone making a Fallout reference by saying "War...war never changes"* Crap I just did it.
  7. I’m about to ruin this whole man’s career *ahem* no u
  8. When defecation hits the oscillator, weird stuff is bound to happen. That being said, lemme slide into those DMs with you bby ?
  9. I will take this to court and I will win custody of the children, Harold.
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