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  1. United Mexican States Current Situation of the Nation Following the social and economic collapse of the Masrani Global Corporation (MGC), the Mexican border has seen an influx of immigrants flooding in from the north, particularly in the most populated areas bordering Texas and California. As such, President Anaya ordered more border security in order to better control the immigration levels. Mexico does indeed welcome immigrants, but statistics such as unemployment and crime cannot rise especially in such a young nation. Despite MGC’s clear aggression towards the formation of the UMS, especially after militarization of the Panama Canal, the Mexican Government plans to come together and work on a plan for what to do with the now unclaimed northern territories. Mexican nationalists in congress demand that Mexico expand to her original borders and beyond as revenge for what the Americans did when they disgraced the former Mexican Empire. Meanwhile, more moderate and left wing Mexican politicians believe that a reformation to the United States from the already existing nation of Britannia through diplomacy is a better solution, as Mexico cannot not overextend her borders to the point at which she cannot sustain herself. As congress falls into a frenzy, President Anaya has sided with the United Nations’ decision of reforming the United States out of the now desolate lands. However, even though President Anaya clearly favors one side of congress, he is known as The Great Compromiser of Mexico, so whether or not he will outright reject the Mexican nationalists’ policies is unknown. Northern Mexico citizens are also divided on the issue, as some support moving out of their dilapidated shacks and into fancy mansions of California, while those who oppose fear and invasion from a possibly imperialist Britannia.
  2. Patrick Higgins

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    We took it without asking or doing anything and drew the border in our favor—British style
  3. You haven’t seen the true wrath of KT until they declare war on your micro after being your protectors
  4. Patrick Higgins

    Along the Lines of a Generic Announcement

    This reminds me of that time I wrote a novel on toilet paper while taking a shit
  5. I hate when this happens! It starts off with a bit of a melodic string of instruments Then gets a bit techno It goes like Dun dun dun dun Dep dun dun dun dun Dep dep dun dun dun Oooooooooo Dun dun dun dun Oooooooooo Dun dun dun dun Dep dep dep dep Oooooo dun dep That’s how the beat goes if you can help thanks
  6. Patrick Higgins

    The couping of Sirius

    Why is there no 70’s on 7 on this Sirius XM
  7. Patrick Higgins

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Sorry, I’m using an older map cuz I can’t get a clear enough updated one Fixed
  8. Patrick Higgins

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Monthly claims
  9. United Mexican States President: Alberto Anaya Ruling Party: Revolutionary Front for the People of Mexico On January 31st, the United Mexican States declared her existence. After the collapse of the previous republic, the former states of Mexico all began to develop a similar ambition of reclaiming the lost territory and reunite the states under one banner. However, every state had a different way of going about doing so. Poorer states such as Chiapas were gobbled up by the more economically powerful states such as Tabasco, while areas such as the Mexico City became battlegrounds between several neighboring states, most notably the battle between Michoacán and Puebla, which lasted several months until Puebla eventually took the capital in a pyrrhic victory, which soon resulted in them getting carved out by the surrounding states. It took several more years of stalemates and failed alliances before one state eventually came to prominence. Veracruz, a state known for its long coastal strip and many bordering states, had an upper hand in terms of population and resources compared to its neighbors. Through both diplomacy and bloodshed, Veracruz was able to unite majority of the Mexican states to the point it was unstoppable by the much smaller and comparatively weaker states. It came very close to reforming the former republic, however due to widespread disease and starvation, a socialist uprising began across the Veracruz-controlled territory, eventually capturing and executing the leaders of the state. Veracruz soon became a socialist state, and through aggressive diplomacy and skirmishing with native tribes, was able to unite all of Mexico under a red banner. The socialists were able to successfully solidify control and establish control with a new far left ideology known as Syndicalism (where multiple parties may exist, however all must be far left in ideology), establishing the country of the United Mexican States (UMS). This syndicalist ideology quickly spread to surrounding areas such as southern Arizona and almost all of Central America, where the nearby revolutions allowed the newly-formed Mexican Army to test out its capabilities and annex what was left of the warring Central America and southern Arizona. The ambitions of the UMS were fulfilled for now, and the government was able to establish stability as they rebuilt cities and established a stable economy. However, the nation lacked a leader to stand by, and all power was in the hands of a newly-formed, yet divided congress. Eventually, after much heated debates and elections, congress was able to establish a constitution as the people of Mexico elected Alberto Anaya of the Revolutionary Front for the People of Mexico Party (RFPM) as the First President of the United Mexican States. President Anaya, as most of the people still were, was highly ambitious of Mexico’s future. As such, his first act was the recruitment of several hundred explorers to go out and claim new lands in South America in order to expand both Mexico’s influence and control over the region. The explorers discovered the Galápagos Islands and several coastal states of former Columbia and Equador, claiming all what they have seen so far for Mexico.

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