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  1. You guys better pay reps I don't want my nation nuked cuz of it
  2. god what did i miss, resources are so expensive now what the hell

    1. MinesomeMC


      oh nothing just the longest Global war that was long a second Global war occurred concurrent to it. 

  3. Is this my boy Cazaroni 

  4. inb4 insurancees(?) get raided by pirates
  5. https://youtube.com/watch?v=U0mUTt3ohwU
  6. So I just bought VIP for fun, changed a lot of military pictures, etc. However, when I tried updating my anthem, it keeps getting a playback error. Any solution?
  7. I pledge. But who do I send the money again?
  8. Yes, I'm sure. I did another espionage operation today (which failed), and check notifications. It also didn't log, and pretty much still showing operations from the 11th.
  9. That's odd, only espionage operations from 4/24-5/11 are showing up, even though I (tried) to sabotage ships yesterday and today (when it was successful).
  10. Hey guys. Today I did an espionage operation (in attempts to get off a blockade), and it was a success. It destroyed every ship (three), and I was pretty happy. Until I found out that the ships were intact, and my money was used. So um, yeah. (couldn't get a screenshot, since I never expected it )
  11. Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the game and the forums itself. What I have been curious about is a "civil war" in Politics and War. I'll explain how it could possibly work. 1. If a civil war were ever to happen, the nation would obviously need a low approval score (say 0-39%). 2. The chances of a civil war occurring are rare but could happen on any day of the month. Once in a civil war, food production will be decreased by like 10-25%. All of your resources will be used/decreased by 10%, aircraft, ships, tanks, and soldiers will also be destroyed/killed due to the circumstances
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