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  1. The truth is, Trump has been talking about a 30 foot concrete wall spanning the southern border for 2 years now. Even his "sample" walls are all 30 feet tall. Literally ask anyone whether or not the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED FUKIN STATES (which, surely you can reasonably say is "somebody") wants that wall. So yes, you are trolling. No it won't. Cite me, !@#$. No, entitlements are not normal ongoing income. That's taxpayer money being dumped into the economy for people to spend when they otherwise don't have that money. That's called a stimulus. So no u. An
  2. Because I'm out to prove that one side of "used up" arguments is so indefensibly stupid and moronic that people should be reminded that they are. And they should be ashamed for having said indefensibly stupid and moronic arguments. Look at every argument in this thread that's against mine. Everyone has either quietly left after I make them eat their own arguments, or like Mr. Commander Thrawn, denies that my argument exists and claims that I'm somehow the idiot here when he can barely read.
  3. !@#$, stop trolling. The border wall isn't going to save money, it's going to waste money. Entitlements are what allow more spending in the economy to occur for retired and disabled individuals, which stimulates the economy. Go learn economics before lecturing professor dipwad. Read my argument. I'm not debating whether or not revenues are the highest they have ever been. I'm saying that despite that, the old tax code would have generated $202 billion more than the tax cuts. Maybe then, we could have bought a wall. It's like you can't read. READ DAMN IT.
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trumps-border-wall-a-look-at-the-numbers I tried not to include anything outside of Fox News, because I know that you think only Fox News exists as "news." I'm surprised I had to go find this shit for you. I wonder what caused reduced revenues, low growth, and the continued expansion of entitlements (and other stimulus spending)? Maybe, perhaps, it was the near total collapse of the world economy 10 years ago? Dipwad. So, are you saying that there have been increased tax revenue or not until the long term? You are presenting
  5. Still my argument. I think it's reasonable to fund certain aspects of the Trump budget, such as road improvements, a wall in certain sections of the border, and other "surveillance technology." And if you look at the bipartisan bill passed before the shutdown, all of those things are included. And yes, a wall in small sections of the border where it makes sense should be funded. Just not $5.8 billion for a continuous 30 foot concrete wall along the entire southern border, which most people familiar with border security would agree is useless or has a low cost/benefit ratio in most areas. Not t
  6. Damn frickin straight. 'MURICA.
  7. No u. In the full context of the sentence, the "Trump supporter" is doing the action of questioning (privately or publicly). You misread what I wrote. Semantics, and I don't see a point to it. Engage, my friend, don't just sit there and criticize my sentence structures.
  8. But it got torn down though! Now all the Mexicans can go from East Germany to West Germany without Soviet troops machine gunning them down. Hey! That's what we should do! We should have the Soviets come and build a wall on the border, station Soviet troops to machine gun those dirty immigrants, and we'll never have this problem again! I think that's why Trump has such a good relation with the Russians. That makes sense now. Yes, and let's get a giant moat of molten gold in front of it too, with diamond-encrusted alligators to swim in the moat and bite any immigrant that trie
  9. You ask if I'm an idiot in a rhetorical way while not knowing how to use quote. It's funny, because you're the idiot here. Again, making my point. You're wall is an expensive, ineffective way that does not replace border patrol agents. I can't believe I have to say the same thing over and over again. They count by catching people at the border. They catch people at the border by using drones, satellites, and modern security measures to tell border agents where people are crossing so they can drive out to meet them. Your wall being there doesn't do anything.
  10. Wait, what the frick is this suppose to be? This is making my point: Trump in this tweet is suggesting that America's obligation to NATO is contingent upon Germany's military GDP spending, an idea that the past 70 years of Republican and Democrat administrations would never have even thought of, much less utter it on a public platform. You think he's siding with NATO on this one? It's one thing to privately complain to Merkel that Germany doesn't have enough military spending and encourage them with private diplomatic channels to strengthen the alliance. It's an entirely different thing to twe
  11. For 70 years, NATO was the shield that prevented Soviet expansion. Every administration, Republican or Democrat, all collectively agreed that NATO was necessary to defend America and her interests abroad. Now, with a militant and ultranationalist Russia aggressively expanding its influence, it seems that the withdrawal of American troops from Syria and Trump's interest in breaking up NATO seems to only benefit our geopolitical enemies. Combined with the fact that there WAS COLLUSION (don't take my word for it, take the word of the dumbass Manafort lawyers who leaked the documents and Rudy Juli
  12. Literally this: And who is the one flooding the tunnels? You? You going to electric scooter your ass down to the border and get your squirt gun out? And just to be clear, the Democrats are willing to spend money on increasing border agent staff, new drones and security technologies, just not your dumbass useless 30 foot concrete wall. Do your opposition research son. Also, your argument doesn't make sense. "Lowest number of illegals crossing" at places with physical barriers isn't "zero illegals crossing." Also, how the frick do you think people know that there
  13. Like what? The border patrol agents that got replaced by ur dumbass wall? Your entire paragraph is essentially this: 1. Border wall isn't totally foolproof and only slows people down. 2. When determined people get through there are "things" that prevent that. 3. I'm not making the same argument as you, ur a stupid anti-trumper. When my argument is this: 1. Border wall isn't totally foolproof and only slows people down. 2. When determined people get through there are "border agents, drones, and modern security measures" that prevent that. 3. 5.7 bil
  14. Let me start by saying thank you for replying to my post, because I've been so frustrated with Trump and his supporters and I just can't get anyone to debate me back SO I CAN CRUSH THEIR PUNY LITTLE EGOS AGAINST THEIR WALL OF IDIOCY !@#$, u dumb. And here's why: a wall doesn't stop people from getting into this country. People can climb that shit, dig under it, fly over it. I can go to Home Depot today and climb that 5 billion dollars worth of stupid in under a minute. Fact is, border agents stop people from getting into this country, not ur dumbass wall. Border ag
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