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  1. South Africa going full Mugabe

    Dipshit teenagers tipping over a portapotty while a pregnant woman is inside dealing with a compressed bladder isn't illegal or any of our business. But I don't think anyone with a moral compass would look at that and say "those teenagers have the right idea." Again, you're kind of making my point for me. Is there anything else that I should add onto this? "Even children know such a basic truth" that men who are rich and powerful can sexually assault women? No wonder why you're a mess. Maybe that's what you've been taught growing up. You're lack of morality shouldn't be denied, but it also sounds like its not entirely your fault either. Sorry. !@#$! The Nazis didn't get more than a third of the Reichstag at any point in time. If that number sounds familiar, guess what the percentage of America are Trump supporters. Enabling Act, 1933. Go learn history. WHY THE frick DO NAZIS NOT LEARN THEIR OWN HISTORY?! Like, France studies Napoleon, Americans study the revolution and civil war, why the frick can't neo-Nazis get their shit together and know anything about themselves?
  2. South Africa going full Mugabe

    Silly Roz, how can you stand there, say all that shit, and claim that I have no evidence that you don't have a shred of moral fiber in your entire body? Let's just break down your post: 1. You are unfazed by the fact that the leader of the free world is an unfaithful, lying sack of shit. People with morals would be appalled, and wonder what role model Trump is presenting to children who watch him on TV babbling and grabbing !@#$. Thus, you have no morals. 2. Your condemnation of Moore isn't that he's a child-molesting piece of shit, but that he had a "pathetic attempt at a defense," meaning that you are more appalled by his public imaging than the actual morality of a 30 year old man hanging around malls and high schools to date teenagers. Again, no morals. 3. The fact that you are so blind to your own egregious amoral statements above goes to show that you don't think there is anything wrong with defending a pedophile or having a role model for children be an unfaithful lying sack of shit. Thus, you are a person without a single moral thought. You say I have no evidence that you don't have any morals, but every single post you put up is ironically the evidence that you claim I don't have. Lol. So, any majority ruling is, in essence, lacking in common sense? By my understanding, the vast majority of people don't think that you should gas Jews. Mob rule, amirite? Oh! And don't forget that the vast majority of people don't want pedophiles in the Senate representing them. They are definitely wrong. Your argument is that the majority of people who disagree with your stupid views is wrong, rather convenient for you to claim when you are on the opposite side of morality. So, getting back to the topic, you honestly think that there are more sad poor white farmers dying in South Africa than there were Jews in the Holocaust? Furthermore, you're trying to blame the Allies for Jews getting gassed??? See, this is why I think you don't read. I don't think you know anything about Nazi history. I think you think it's a wonderful idea to bring it back without understanding basic details and facts as to what that would mean. I mean, you do realize that the first people the Nazis killed weren't Jews right? Do you know who they were? They were mentally retarded and handicapped people like yourself. You bring back Nazism, and you would ironically be one of the first dipshits they gassed. You're like a fly who thinks spider webs are cool. I don't understand how people can be so blind to their own self-interests.
  3. Guardian Announcement

    lul, whut. O.o God, I'm so fricking old. All Partisans are the same. Dirty Partisans, coming over the border and taking our jobs and our nuclear weapons. -.-
  4. South Africa going full Mugabe Huh, well look at that! Doug Jones is a democrat. For such a red state, Alabama sure dropped the ball by electing a blue-balling democrat. I believe that makes Alabama blue by the most recent election standards. As for fake allegations, it sure seems that the state of Alabama found them convincing enough to elect a democrat, despite the state being red for the past 20 years by 20 point margins. The better question is, what the frick are you on? Oh wow. I'm assuming that you never read a book in your life about the Holocaust. Because there's a lot of photographic evidence there. I'm also assuming you didn't read a book on the Nuremberg trials either, otherwise you would have known that most of those Nazi !@#$ gave the middle finger to the tribunal and hanged for it all the while admitting that they did some heinous shit. And here's how I know you don't know what the frick you are talking about: Which is what most people would put when they assume shit they don't know about without sounding like a total dipshit. I really don't understand neo-nazis. If you honestly believe that your ideology is somehow in the right, you seem to really suck at learning your own history and intellectually defending your ideology. You give neo-nazis a bad name, because everyone just thinks you're all a bunch of dipshits who don't know history and are mad about every single thing that happens to a white person.
  5. Guardian Announcement

    Angry and shook? !@#$, please. Why do you think we horde nuclear weapons like they're jolly ranchers? They're for you and your hate boner for Alpha. I see some things haven't changed since we first went at it.
  6. Guardian Announcement

    You'll have to forgive us, Alpha has been dealing with !@#$ since our inception. For whatever reason, every war we go into, the opposing side feels the need to throw three times the number with a 5 city advantage at us, so we've all collectively decided to turtle and make y'all eat nukes. If people had the balls to fight us on relatively more even ground, we wouldn't have to use nukes. But alas, tS calls in TEst and Guardian needs at least a two on one advantage with game exploits.
  7. South Africa going full Mugabe

    Not Trump dick pics. Trump fricking another woman while his wife just squeezed his child out of her vagina and then having the intelligence to then have the woman sign a NDA, but the stupidity not to sign it himself. In the state of Alabama, supporting and defending a pedophile is called being amoral. That's why Alabama is a blue state now. If somehow the collective state of Alabama has a better moral compass than you, you don't have any morals, and each time you shout out "I WANT A PEDOPHILE FOR SENATE!", you are in reality claiming "I DON'T HAVE A fricking MORAL COMPASS!" Furthermore, are you suggesting you have morals? Take your own advise, and don't make ridiculous claims you can't back up.
  8. South Africa going full Mugabe

    Scathing. For someone who claims he has no morals, you really seem to have a hypocritical concern for other people's moral compass. If you need a double standard to win an argument, you've lost automatically.
  9. South Africa going full Mugabe

    Hi "Them." I honestly don't know if you said anything at all in your short, unhinged paragraph on death, rape, and criminality "since the 40's." If you honestly believe that nationalism wasn't a cause of the first or second world war and that the world war fatality numbers have more zeros than you can count to, you're - and you'll have to pardon my frankness - dumb as shit. It gets on my nerves when people try to make the argument that the post-war era of free trade and economic cooperation is an Orwellian hellscape, all the while they drive dirt-cheap quality foreign cars, buy and consume exclusive products made in foreign nations, and enjoy an unprecedented era of peace, prosperity, and exchange of culture, all because they grew up with this closed-minded notion in their heads that an arbitrarily social belief of people with different colors of skin or amount of foreskin around their penises causes themselves to be unsuccessful when in reality, they are just dumb as shit. Yeah, I'm looking at you, @Lightning and @Rozalia. Stop blaming other people for your own problems. That being said, I don't know where your graph comes from. I frankly don't even care to go look for it, because if you were anywhere near the level of seriousness in an intellectual debate, you would know that a 3rd grader with Microsoft excel could have made that graph (and presumably did) and it wouldn't tell you jack shit. Why are we talking about homicide rates in the first place? Is it because your immediate thought of "death, rape, and anarchy in the 1940's" meant homicide/criminality rates in the world, and not the catastrophic historical event that killed millions and displaced nearly a quarter of the world's population? I thought WWII causes were empirical evidence, it's obviously not for some people. You're driving the point of my argument. Thanks! U too, have a nice day.
  10. South Africa going full Mugabe

    Yes, it was sarcasm. I'm surprised you know what sarcasm is, considering your understanding of history and statistics are far below the suggested level of understanding nuance. Not understanding where I'm going with this? No problem. I've got two words for you: Nazis and 60,000,000. Crack a book if you can't connect the dots. Also, while homicide rates are going up, how is it related to globalization? Sure, the homicide rates are going up during the time there is globalization, but so did vaccination rates. Why isn't your conclusion that vaccines cause homicidal tendencies? Look, its a very plausible argument: the vaccine was invented in the 1800s, right when your graph that you pulled out of your ass starts. After that, the rates of vaccines (and the amount of vaccines) go up, correlating to the rate of homicides. Therefore, vaccines are the cause of homicidal tendencies, and the next time when people say you should get a shot for chickenpox (because you sound like you would be at that age who would need one), you should reject the vaccine and die choking on fluid building up in your lungs to avoid becoming a homicidal maniac. The above fallacy is called a causation-correlation fallacy. Basic-fuking statistics. If you don't know basicfricking statistics, you shouldn't use it. That being said, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that homicide rates are going up because of the massive population explosion following the end of World War II.
  11. Nonetheless, Hillary wouldn't be sticking her dick in Stormy Daniels' vagina and being stupid enough to forget signing his own goddamn NDA.
  12. South Africa going full Mugabe

    Because today's world is more full of death, rape, and anarchy than it was when nationalism peaked in the 40s.
  13. No, just stating some facts. If you know what those are.
  14. South Africa going full Mugabe

    Not that you would know the difference between a strong intellectual argument and trolling. This guy must really have some passionate views on where Northern Ireland should be. And Wales. And Scotland. Ironic that this guy lives in "the United Kingdom."
  15. South Africa going full Mugabe

    OH SHIT DAMN SON! Roz types an entire paragraph and gets shut down with a sarcastic one-liner.