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  1. ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: BoC Most Powerful Alliance: BoC Best Military: BoC Best Rookie Alliance: BoC Best Flag: BoC Best War Flag: BoC Most Active Alliance: BoC Most Honourable Alliance: BoC Most Improved Alliance: BoC Best Diplomatic Team: BoC Best Economic System: BoC Best Recruiting Staff: BoC Best Propaganda Staff: BoC Best Alliance Growth: BoC Best Forums: BoC Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2019: BoC Most Immoral Alliance: BoC Most Controversial Alliance: BoC Best Alliance for New Players: BoC Most Missed Alliance for 2018: BoC Best Re-started/Re-branded alliance of 2018: BoC
  2. Arrgh should go back to its glory days
  3. Everyone watching AK
  4. Yeah srry it kept saying something went w
  5. Coherence is a new alliance on the purple sphere and is ready to go! If you wanna know if you join now you have a higher change of getting a high position in government and benefits. For more details message me back. Thank you for your time!
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