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  1. The Golden Horde's OWF FA policy has been one that has generated much FA for the FA dept, as a member of the FA dept I approve of the Horde's efforts at FA work, it is greatly appreciated FA.
  2. You can’t stop now Smith, I need to see the sequel.
  3. You’re right Blackie is a good lad. Poor comparison.
  4. This is like if we used logs of blackie as proof of TKR plotting.
  5. Looks like I was wrong Buorhann.
  6. Duplicates are abhorrent and deviant creations that should be stifled upon creation. It is good they have been terminated and their treachery has seen the light of day.
  7. Good work to those who made this possible.
  8. I give you an old Bobian saying: Lines being drawn.
  9. It is a choice made for himself. Usually those who leave angrily return under a new name anyhow. It is those who leave quietly that do not come back.
  10. It is incredibly bizarre to me to see not only the current Pantheon government accusing their founding members of treason but also for their like of anime. As a TKR member and ally of them they always were big weebs. How dare you attack the heritage and origins of the alliance like this, also I pose this question: How did a newb member of TKR gov Right Honourable get a gov position instantly in this alliance? The names in Pantheon gov are strange to me and are not reminiscent of the alliance leadership in its heyday. There is some important self reflection and identity searching required for the alliance if it is to continue on beyond a parody that merely shares the name of the whale tier anime alliance. Also i concur yui is a nice person and as someone in an alliance with gov formerly of Pantheon (Shiho) this is sick and therefore deviant. We do not want this.
  11. both of these alliances are trash
  12. Paying off the bounty is an interesting option to have. I agree there should be conditions rather than just immediately paying it off day 1 with little repercussions.
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