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  1. I have CB tyvm. On top of which AK is defending BK from the evil dark forces of the Starks.
  2. I protecc you AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARAGON~ AK fight, AK protecccccc.
  3. Panzers are coming Pass the sentence, Swing the swords Fight the menace, He’ll say his last words Castle Winterfell, The King In The North Sith Lord Zygon, called “the Bladdered” henceforth With Knights called Panzer, a new kind of Lancer Now the Wolves will get bitten, North’s history rewritten Panzers are coming, all Northmen succumbing With a word of might, Here comes the Long Night Oh House Stark How could you be so careless and blind? Your undeeds aren’t yet in the dark Skae remembers your kind For Cypher been raiding our bank amidst war An ally himself at that time to the Korps Don’t blame us, every action has a price For you should never handle FA with a dice
  4. New season of Boku no HERO!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Skae


    Was fun working with you @Dusty!
  6. I'll be looking forwards to this new Rose~ Eternal Empire of Rose.
  7. I could also say we should take out the two people who have negative 2b in our aa. lol In which case We would have +8b damage.
  8. I think 650 infra is like a break even point. :3 I'll look.
  9. I at least will dispute your numbers. If you take AK for example, we have an average of 1k infra. Rose on the other hand has an average of 500 infra. Rose can run net positive as long as they remove all the commerce buildings and other buildings adding up expenses that would otherwise put you in the negative with that low infra. AK on the otherhand has 1k infra, commerce, daily ground attack cash, and net positive income as long as the nation has food. I can actually run it in a sheet later if you'd like to see. But on average, we mostly run soldiers and planes. The only reason someone would even be highly negative is if they had low infra and high military, meaning tanks and ships that are 2-3 times what you should even have.
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