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  1. Skae

    It's Time to Stop

    I could also say we should take out the two people who have negative 2b in our aa. lol In which case We would have +8b damage.
  2. I think 650 infra is like a break even point. :3 I'll look.
  3. I at least will dispute your numbers. If you take AK for example, we have an average of 1k infra. Rose on the other hand has an average of 500 infra. Rose can run net positive as long as they remove all the commerce buildings and other buildings adding up expenses that would otherwise put you in the negative with that low infra. AK on the otherhand has 1k infra, commerce, daily ground attack cash, and net positive income as long as the nation has food. I can actually run it in a sheet later if you'd like to see. But on average, we mostly run soldiers and planes. The only reason someone would even be highly negative is if they had low infra and high military, meaning tanks and ships that are 2-3 times what you should even have.
  4. Skae

    It's Time to Stop

    Oof, that's quite an escalation. You might want to tone down on your language there. I haven't whined at all, I think you need to realize that the war is more than just you fighting it. I'm talking alliance level, and you are taking personal shots. So if you actually want to have a decent argument, try to develop one without flaming.
  5. Alrighty, we'll I don't know that much in depth on that subject. But I'll take it word on that. 🙂 Flex
  6. Now that's relative. Theo and Horsecock were both under Thalmor. I would say that they improved overtime which eventually resulted in an overhaul. It's not like their entire government just was swapped out all together. pls, how cute. Because in order for you to have known, you would have had to scroll through pages upon pages of discord logs. So either you took the time to read, or you took the time to read. Your statement doesn't exempt you from ever reading in the server you had full access to. So no, your entire counter literally makes no sense. I was being a bit sarcastic lol. It's very interesting though that he was Pantheon milcom, Pantheon must have been great at war back then~ 😲
  7. Skae

    It's Time to Stop

    I was focusing on the amount of wars we output. My point was that we did a great job, hence my response to whiners was "Whiners don't have high activity in declaring wars." But yes, we are net positive. Take it that we are in a defensive war, breaking net positive is an achievement. I'm more than sure KT and tGh would agree given their war on TKR. Also, don't forget that it's going up day by day so in a few more days we will be breaking several more billion. :3 Since you're so curious. Good personal stats for you. But, I'm more than certain you can read "net" damage. Given that most of us started with some 2.5k infra and were on the defense, I'm very happy that we were able to break net positive regardless of having more to physically lose at the start of this conflict.
  8. I think there's slight confusion here? Surrender is determined before going into the talks via you approaching us.. It dictates what the talks will be like (surrender or white peace). From there, my understanding is that we move to the talks server to discuss this surrender and the terms for it. Cool, now there's something we have in common. We don't need a protector or hidden ties. Nor do we have such. And whoosh, now your little pantheon/KT argument is dead. So yes, I'll take you for your word that KT was once a new alliance that worked on improving over the years like more out there. We got two very good people from KT background. I've literally never talked about tGH until now because of you and repeated posts from Buorhann. Same applies for Khai. Now the hippo wants to 1v1 to assert dominance. XD I'd certainly like a good war so~ :3333 tldr: No, we've done nothing and here we are arguing that we ever cared about you with a "one sided relationship". That statement doesn't add up at all with anything that has happened. Why? Because nothing has happened ever between us. Like, zero 0. Uh, no. You said literally that I or Khai is talking big. All that was said and referred to was that there's activity issues. Suddenly we're talking big? My point is that literally anyone could have said that. Now if you are talking about Lycus and his "tone", all he did was look at Khai's post and sum it in his own words. Correct. Yup, that's how you read about the idea of hitting tGH as Pantheon and then leaked it to your alliance. You did read enough to find that, lol. So you did read the surrounding material. Thanks for enhancing my point and closing it at the same time. @Ripper Well, totally didn't know you left them too. So I guess you are one of the good members who left them. I thought you were CoS bank or something and still the leader of CoS. Big oof.
  9. Nice to know that we are both respectable ex-Pantheon according to ex-Pantheon members we both were friends with. Implying that I'm less Pantheon than you were when you were a member is absurd. Let's see what u got oldie boy. :3 Wow. It's very normal for you to tell us you are going to surrender. Then we make a normal peace talks server to have the talks in. Look at Knightfall. TKR and friends went into the talks to surrender. During the talks, surrender was a given, meme terms and others were discussed in detail which is what took most of the time in the talks. Sure, his attitude was spicy comparable to certain other members of yours, or even your leader. I'm sure Odin, who helped found KT, was quite undesired by them. You definitely need to recheck your knowledge there. Whether it's Odin or Khai himself, they both loved their experiences in KT. They also both contributed greatly to KT, so mind your words. First, you are contradicting yourself in the first two sentences. We haven't earned our place but normally you don't care about other alliances. So you have to keep saying that we're below you so we remain there in your minds? Saying that an alliance has issues and needs to fix them is nothing. If that's what you call big words, then quite an oof for you. Anyone could have pointed that out Shiho. Instead... About the log, you are pulling that out of proportion. At the time, Khai suggested bettering Pantheon by weeding out scrubs through war. The target be picked was you because you were paperless, and at the time very efficient fighters. You should like it that Khai thought highly of tGH. He even asked to be your prot, which you refused since you don't do prots. You should also like it that he tried to make Pantheon a better place while he was there, just like you and me. So no, we have no beef with tGH. This you are making up entirely. You could read the entire logs in the Pantheon server, despite being tGH gov at the time. So yes, you would know that it was discussed by everyone with length and shot down. Nope. My threads are salt free. Discussion only zones. The only thing left to answer @Ripper is in regards to the last quote. And here that answer is: "And we have members with 0 military and same amount of infra. Guess whose revenue is higher." My revenue is higher, because I loot it off your nations giving you 0 or negative anyways unless you rebuild infra. In regards to you.
  10. You aren't the true Pantheon Shiho. You are the true true Pantheon reject. >.< You aren't Pantheon to the point that you weren't invited to the Pantheon Buddies server with everyone but you. Bad bad Shiho Salt isn't when you make a quality forum post for everyone to have lively discussion in. My posts have done more good for everyone as a whole. More clarity, more talking, more debate. What would the game be without logically and lovely developed forum posts like mine? One day I hope to be as good as Papa @Prefonteen. Even @Ripper picked up on mai ideas and had some fun with this post. A surrender and a nap isn't ridiculous expectations. How long is negotiated on the peace talks table when you accept those two simple and easy terms. Lycus didn't even address the war. He was mad about EM taking the entirety of the Yakuza bank. He's explained why. This has nothing to do with war salt. The whole reason you are answering in the first place is because Khai's statement hit home. Hence we have these. ^It looks like a salty insult to me. ^Follow up on insult, saying I act like a reject. And I love how you pull the sore losers out of thin air. This snip arguement is talking about ex-Pantheon, not the war. For who knows what reason, you had to try to attack us verbally to try to defend yourself or your alliance? I've done nothing at all to offend you, and nor am I an uncivil person. I love to have interesting discussions. Now who's the actual one who's salty here?
  11. So are you implying that more than 50% of CoS wasn't quality? Do you realize how absurd that is when it was the same CoS who was vital in taking down Grumpy and Guardian in Knightfall? That sure is a way to talk about your own alliance that you are the leader of. Even member like Seb left you to join grumpy, and you call them weak. The logic is not the same. I'm cherishing members and naming their value, while you name them useless. Every member is valuable as long as they actively fight. Not only did I count deserters, I counted purple inactives. Those members aren't helping your cause as they sit with no mil and nothing to gain, while we have members with mil and a net positive revenue.
  12. Mine was better. More detailed, more numbers, more logic. Also, not quite sure Yakuza has disbanded yet. If they intend to because of EM, fat rip.
  13. Skae

    It's Time to Stop

    Meanwhile we are shredding you guys. Whiners don't have high activity in declaring wars. I'm making more than you, that's for sure. >When "Can't fight because you get beat down." is = to "Can't find people to fight so build up in my range." Not at all Ripper. What I do like is that even you have given up on fighting. So helpless it's not worth trying. Look what you've done. @Nizam Adrienne
  14. Skae

    It's Time to Stop

    More entertaining than fighting you at least. Maybe you can encourage your people to become active again so they can build units for me to destroy.
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