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  1. Notorious Outlaws Declaration of Existence Mexifornia and Sojourner slowly dismount their horses and saunter through the swinging doors into the Saloon. They walk up to the bar, scanning the room. A silence falls as they order a round of whisky. Sojourner lights up a smoke. He glances around the room, picks up the shot glass with his gun hand to show his peaceful intentions, then throws back his head to down the whiskey. Mexifornia, a little uneasy, thinks he sees a gunslinger‘s hand move towards his gun. Mexifornia pulls his revolver from his side and fires around in the air. Everyone flinches, turns, and stares at him. Mexifornia, with a raised eyebrow, shouts “You know who I am? I'm the most feared Outlaw in the land! This here town is my territory and if you are looking for trouble you’ve gotta be the best gunslinger around, just to stand a chance.” He shoves his gun back into the holster. Two men slowly get up, Joe Anderson and Death Valley. They stare into Mexifornia’s eyes as they make their way towards him. “Not in my bar!” The barkeep exclaims, “outside, all of you!”. They all push through the doors and walk outside. “There is one way to solve this,” remarks Death Valley in a low rumbling voice, “A duel!” People run for cover, mothers cover the eyes of their children as they see the outlaws draw their revolvers from their holsters. No one makes a move. Sojourner, eyeing the situation, thinks and says “Let’s come to a mutual agreement. Join us and we can ride together." Joe Anderson glances at Death Valley, who slowly nods his head. Sojourner stands up and walks over to the three men, his cigar dangling from his mouth. “Looks like we have an agreement,” he says, shaking the hands of all the men. All four men mount their horses and ride off into the sunset. They all say together, “We are the most Notorious Outlaws in the west!” as they vanish into the horizon. They will be back, partner! Top Outlaw Mexifornia Right-hand man (2ic) Sojourner Money Guys (Econ) Mexifornia/ Droxx Gunslingers (MA) Joe Anderson and Sojourner Goings On (IA) Death Valley / SoupCat Road Captain (FA) Joe Anderson Alliance link Discord Link
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