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  1. The Church of Ayytom has once again entered a state of total war, last time CoA decided to protect a person not to our liking... The Church had no other choice but to release it's nuclear arsenal... After 30 nooky bois had been sent flying, over the span of a couple of days the war ended... This time however The Church faces another threat... A vile threat... A bunch of opportunistic rats... The Church hereby pledge to rid the world of these rats... The alliance known as micro pockyclypse entered a skirmish with the rank 9 alliance Schrute Farms only to have them lay there as a dead fish and go looking elsewhere for help, rather than countering themselves... They had no luck in some places, but in other they found something... They found the rats! This is where the rank 1 alliance joined the war against a 4 man alliance involved in another war. They chose to defend the pixelhuggers in the Farms, and as it stands, The Church now face more alliances than it has members... There is no other choice now... Total war is upon us, we will never surrender... The 110 day war has started! https://countingdownto.com/?c=3194671 TLDR; Rose decided to be the fun police, now they will pay for it
  2. BK hasn't been on their ayy game lately, someone gotta pick up the slack
  3. Messages are a little hard to read 👀 otherwise it looks awesome (this was dark theme, not darker) And thank you for the great work you are doing
  4. micro pockylypse hereby recognizes a state of war with Greene of Taith for crimes against Orbis. Reasons for war- prior cheating through irl money, reports from certain friends on being cheated in many ways by Taith, and whatever the fark this is “the wheel of pixelhuggy” In order to rid the world of corrupt businessmen and pixels, micro pockylypse has declared war. AYY LMAO Send donations to https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7647 Thanks xoxoxo Thank you @Polar Bear ArcticExplorer for writing for us xoxoxo
  5. stop being a pixelhugger and just enjoy the ayy lmao
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