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  1. Dear friends and foes, whether you are fighting for Hollywood or Celestial, perhaps not fighting at all, I think now is the right time to put our differences aside and address a different issue. As you may have noticed, our dear patriarch (Alex) and his A-Team bestowed some quite controversial moderation actions upon us. A significant number of players were warned for slot filling, in our opinion wrongfully. Definition of slotfilling: I'd like to argue that Celestial (and others) that were punished for this, are innocent as I see no correlation with rule breaking. While some didn't do any attacks when they declared it can also very well be due to the reason that they ran out of resources for nukes and missiles which Celestial and other blocs have used in the past. The strategy of nuking/missiling has been used many times in the past and is a proven form of alternative warfare. As the wise Changeup said: "It's important to remember both these spheres are at war, with Ro$e sphere having lost the conventional war, and has been launching nukes at HW in order to close the damage gap. In case you aren't aware, this happens and has happened in nearly every global since 2018, where one side loses/gives up conventional warfare (due to various reasons, such as not having military units, the enemy having superior tiering/numbers etc) and tries to equalize their damages, sticking to nuking infra and soldier only warfare, at most flashing units." Interestingly enough, even nations that did conduct attacks were warned as well so we have sent Alex our appeals, but he is ignoring each and every one of them. I hereby declare a protest and urge people unhappy with mod actions to waive this flag we made until Alex decides to consider our appeals. Use this flag to show support for your brothers and Disclaimer: We do not have anything against PnW mods personally, we just disagree with their moderation. "Politics begin where the masses are, not where there are thousands, but where there are millions, that is where serious politics begin."- Vladimir Lenin
  2. I can't seem to find anything relevant Aurora has done in the last 4 years of it's existence. The situation with Oasis - Minc was under very different circumstances and you know it. You just keep malding and coping because this whole treaty messed with your plans.
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