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  1. How did you know that there is a fort there?
  2. Well, I dont know, the Columbia River, though it's not fully operational a sub did go in a good distance and caused some trouble.
  3. I have a new idea for the military. Submarines, they should be able to do more infra damage and destroy more improvements because they can go up rivers and such. @Alex
  4. Thank you mayor at least someone is with me that bk is shit
  5. Because I needed to stay and fight
  6. BK had recently bullied me a member of their government constantly bullied me I believe two days ago that person is sunset shimmer she would not stop and kept going when I told her to stop so as a result I have blocked her and the people of bk just taunted me endlessly and for that I think that most government should be demoted or even kicked! My good friend and former zodiac triumvirate @Taco did nothing about it when I begged him to help and eventually they stopped when typhon officer @Jess apologized on my behalf I thank her because the bullying stopped after that their own leader @LeotheGreat also did nothing about this bullying that went on for hours and hours on end which deeply disappoints me what really pissed me off was that not even taco did anything if sunset shimmer pulls any shit again there will be a all out verbal fight. -no neck casey
  7. I'm sorry bastion for calling you an ASSHAT but in my defense it was our war reason so please guys uprep me
  8. Hey I'm pretty new but I have -334 rep and I would like flavee and HDeffo to stop down voting me so Plz uprep me instead All my posts were jokes
  9. YOU DARE SAY WE ARE WEAK YOU ARE WEAK BY MAKING FIRST MOVE TRYING TO GET US TO BACK DOWN OH DON'T WORRY.........we will never back down we will rise the ranks of strength
  10. I am warning all who downrep me you will uprep me or else
  11. Hello I am new to p&w forums plz up vote me
  12. Stop downrepping me it was an accident I didn't know what I was doing instead uprep me
  13. Who would you declare war on
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