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  1. Having seen other game admins squander their opportunities it makes me happy to see you are committed to the community you've built. Features come and go, some changes will be well received, others not. Simply knowing that you are thinking ahead gives me and others confidence in the future of PW. Thank you for sharing this update.
  2. Dear friends, allies, enemies, people that hate me, people that don't know me, everyone else. Greetings. I come before you, humbled at the opportunity I have had to lead The Knights Radiant. I have sincerely enjoyed my time at the helm, but as my predecessor said during my coronation, "the real-life monster comes for all of us." I should have known he was foreshadowing the end of my time as King. I have stood on the shoulders of the King's of old (Infinite Citadel and Lordship). It is time I become the shoulders from which the next generation of leaders will stand. Effective imm
  3. I happen to know a thing or two about lurkers... Keno, specifically. I hear Kastor has a deal open to roll AO if you lose... Seems legit... You'll have to work out the $15M difference on your own though. A miracle. Sincerely, A Creepy Lurker PS Welcome to Orbis!
  4. In case you haven't heard, The Knights Radiant has been on a quest. A quest to help bring a more interesting state of affairs to Orbis. The "politics" in Politics and War have become a stale rerun of bipolar arguments. The "war" in Politics and War has become completely absent for most. This isn't healthy for TKR, nor is it healthy for Orbis at large. As the #1 alliance in the game, we hold a certain responsibility to lead by example and work to bring about something new. As a result, we've been speaking with alliances all around this wonderful place to drum up support. Not for friends t
  5. Congratulations and welcome to existence.
  6. Just watching all the pretend lurkers.

  7. First Priest oh holy one. Thank you. You may have your half Devito back so you don't explode. Also, more stories.
  8. Oh I see... You're just saying it's the "final" one to build suspense and interest but will continue writing stories afterwards anyway... I get it now... *nudge nudge* Bring on the story. goes about collecting his 10/10 Devitos
  9. Tell me more about this "final story." I understand people don't want an end to the stories...
  10. Maybe once we get that other half Devito we can talk.
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