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  1. We'll have to get us a karaoke night set up before too long, with some special guest singer hobo's
  2. Considering everyone already knows this, do you have another point? I will admit I like your formatting, though. Just loses all muster when the punchline happened over an hour ago- as per the quoted text.
  3. One time I gambled 450m. I lost it, too.
  4. I'll have you know I got a back rub out of it.
  5. I couldn't turn him down, it was ridiculous. I had him at like 2%, but no there's Squeegee loud as all get out.
  6. Still can't find that Tickle Me Elmo
  7. Greetings. In response to the coup in Valkyrie, SK is hereby cancelling our treaty effective 72 hours from now. -Clover, Hand of King.
  8. Pretty sure we don't even think about you at all tbh, let alone cast you as the bane of our existance. I know I don't.
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