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  1. We will allow the KT but as fair as politics and other stuff we ask that KT won't be involved not that the matter won't be brought up for latter decessuion and debate, but we feel that now the matter is at an obtuse time. We are impultmenting reforms as promised During the elections but trying to get them to pass is an differnt story, some might argue while Ivans way yet cruel but effective manner was necessary. while others feel that an more liberal approcah is needed to secure the foundation of democarcy, we ask for time because all matters of state is currently being deadlocked in the newly located capital in Roqqa Syria. for now we aggree with the treaty as long as TK is monitored by an impartal party.
  2. Salazarstam wishes to express its concern on the KT, an religous sect deditcated to wipping out all others to establish christan dominate middle east as well as taking the holy city of Juresalem. We in good conchance can't allow the knights templar within our borders unless they aggree to respect not only our reiglion but all others while with in our borders, if they do this we see no reason not to accept the terms.
  3. classifed Salazarstan starts to move military forcess towards its flanks towards the eqypitan side, however the army under command of Drago, who will be over seeing the eventual war with prussia personally. however Drago rather not go to war as this will undermine everything he was trying to build but he was going to support his ally Lumia thats if he was reading the sittion carefully, from his understanding they worked together once before to bring down an terrorist cell during the elections. to:Lumia goverment subject:Allies Our forcess are moving into poistion we rather it not come to war with prussia, but we will aid you should it come down to it. hope to meet with your leadership soon to talk about possible defense treaties as well as trade and non aggression pacts.
  4. Today on 6/8/18 the nation of Salazarstan has gotten the resoults of the reformandom from Jerusalem our essteemed elected leader Drago shall read the results."Today i am pleased to welcome the nation of Jerusalem as its own soverign nation." Drago said with an very weary but forced smile, it had been some weeks sense his ordeal with Ivan and the Dragons, he has been even tenkering some flag designs for Salazarstan not wanting to be reminded what excatly happened. however drago showed the strong willed and abled body man that an leader should be, however with his reforms he has been experincing diffculties among other things while trying to appease his people. he offten stated behind closed doors that Ivans way was better even though people hated him for it as did the world he simply saw that just wasn't the way to go about things.
  5. An issue had came through that there was an problem at the train stations with catholics and protestents alike trying to get out of the country that they thought was activitly and openingly being realigously hositle, however much to the viking kings desmay there was another problem the russians closed the borders to them so they were stuck and tensons were rising among the loyal few of the old ways and the catholics and protestents. So the viking king issued an order to detaine all catholics and protestents till an alternative route to safely get them out, these catholics and protestents maybe trying to leave but he generaly cared about them so he found detaining them behind barbed wire and corting them off from the rest was generally more safer for them and his people. These people will be well cared for and need be if while they were here could have jobs by working in a factory. It maybe unlawful detainement but what choice does the viking king had besides cramming them all on a boat and sending them on an one way trip to whatever country wanted them.
  6. The King of the vikings was not suprised that the tsarist goverment decided to this, however he could sense an outrage by his people there was even an call to arms. Had this be the old days were the army was strong they could easily cross into russia and cause some serrous trouble however, he picked up an old history book as he looked at the cover he closed his eyes as he remembered Carlous. No he won't repeat the mistakes of old however there had to be an responce to this outrage or he knows ether the russians or his people will answer for him."Issue an order have the navy asigned to the baltic and keep them near our shores, the baltic is now closed to all Russian marritaine ships. "
  7. The king of the Vikings was took back by the original draft but didn't really act on it, if France wanted to attack them or any of the sorts they would have done it. Seeing how non of that was done he had little worry sense the protestents and Catholics weren't being harmed.
  8. I'd like to point out that discord has no bearing here and unless Spectre and rim have something to the contary to the subject at hand then there is nothing else to say. Or add.
  9. post this for postarity reasons the text is small but it reads my theme song for when i confront you. i''d like to ask the mods to make an ruling because what more evidance you need?
  10. "The Viking king would like to remind the french goverment that this is an modern socity and catholics and protestents are being treated fairly and aren't being hunted down and killed, this isn't the midevil priod where we did things according to the old ways. While we do believe in the old ways some of the old rights have been abolished this includes human sacerfices to Odin , we aren't an barbaric people we are an people that would like its culture and way of life respected which is all we ask of the catholics and protestents; While we give them an choice to respect our way of life and culture to an few that rather do it there way are free to go somewhere else No one is being singled out we just refuse to trampled upon."
  11. the above in my screenshot wasn't in charcter and is subject to an mod ruling.
  12. Forum Name: Ivan Salazar Link to Post: Nature of Violation: I am not sure how to report this but i think its ether derailing or flameing.
  13. //yea now try quoting the whole page or your going to nicpick everything I say?
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