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  1. JOINT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM UNFORGIVEN LEGION AND THE GLOBAL ALLIANCE AND TREATY ORGANIZATION Optional Defence and Optional Aggression Pact between the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization and Unforgiven Legion Preamble In recognition that the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization and Unforgiven Legion agree to peace, friendship and to grow and support each other as time passes. Article 1 - Non-Aggression No member nation of either signatory alliance may attack a member nation of the other signatory alliance. Any violation of this will result in immediate reparations equivalent to the damages done. Refusal of the violating nation to pay reparations can result in severe punishment from the alliance they are affiliated with, and the reparations will be paid by another nation of the aggressive alliance. Both alliances agree to peace between each other until article 5 has been activated by either signatory. Article 2 - Optional Defense In the event of an attack upon one signatory alliance the other signatory body may come to the defence of the attacked alliance. This is optional and encouraged, but not required. Article 3 – Optional Aggression If either signatory requests aggressive military it is strongly encouraged for the other signatory to provide what assistance it can, though both parties accept that this is not an obligation. Article 4 - Intelligence Any information picked up by a signatory of one alliance that may contain information leading to hurt/danger towards to their signatory partner must be given to the government of the partner alliance as soon as the information is picked up. Any other information or intelligence picked up by one signatory alliance may be given to the other signatory government, but there is no obligation in this case and it is completely optional. Any privileged information from this relationship may not be shared without the express consent of both parties. Article 5 - Termination This treaty may be cancelled if one of the articles given in this pact is not met or one of the signatories has done something that shows ill-will towards their partner alliance. Unless both alliances agree to termination, there must be a 48 hour notice of cancellation before the termination takes complete effect. Signed for The Global Alliance and Treaty Organization The General Assembly Assembly Chairman: Skoriaan (Skoriaan#9981) Vice-Assembly Chairman: CRV24 (Crv24#3514) Minister of Foreign Affairs: CRV24 (Crv24#3514) Minister of Domestic Affairs: Supreme Commander (Opossum Born#8948) Minister of Defense: Greywall (Greywall#2977) Minister of Finance: Armen Yao (Armen#1085) Signed For Unforgiven Legion - Governance Unforgiven Emperors: Rexar (l4zy#3376), Drekkza (Drekkza#5221) Chief Mediator: Rex Tyranus (King Rex#5015) Chief Economist: Austin TX (Austin TX#0539) Supreme Military Commander: Vladimir Streka (absolutelynot πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ#1063)
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