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  1. For civility sake. We wont be disbanding. We will not bow to comments such as that.
  2. JOINT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE VOID TOUCHED AND THE GLOBAL ALLIANCE AND TREATY ORGANIZATION Optional Defence and Optional Aggression Pact between the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization and The Void Touched Preamble In recognition that the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization and The Void Touched agree to peace, friendship and to grow and support each other as time passes. Article 1 - Non-Aggression No member nation of either signatory alliance may attack a member nation of the other signatory alliance. Any violation of this will result in immediate reparations equ
  3. Ahhh We dont want to trigger any CN flashbacks. We are essentially a revamped version thereof. Still loyal and honorable to our friends.
  4. Thanks! We hope to continue the legacy here and make different and awesome home. Cheers! 0/ We shall need it
  5. Global Alliance and Treaty Organization - Governance Inaugural Assembly Chairman: JMKeynes (JMKeynes#7172) Inaugural Vice-Assembly Chairman: CRV24 (Crv24#3514) Inaugural Minister of Foreign Affairs: ComradeV (ComradeV#6086)[/align] Inaugural Minister of Domestic Affairs: Makaan (Onatopp Comrade#6225)[/align] Inaugural Minister of Defense: Harrison McCord (Blake#6395) Inaugural Minister of Finance: Armen Yao (Armen#1085) Treaty of Protection Pre-ramble: Being a new kid on the block Global Alliance and Treaty Organiszation needs some bigger kids to help ward off the scary kids.
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