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  1. Im unbanned so you can see my nation its called the mist.
  2. Thank you very much I appreciate your comment.
  3. Its An Alliance, AA = Alliance Affairs or an Alliance Sorry but this persons right and your wrong and if your going to joke around ease go some where else.
  4. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=19435 nice nation Asierith Its very great. >: )
  5. thanks its a really great nation. its been solved.
  6. Btw I cant it wont let me.
  7. Ok will do whats your discord user name.
  8. Its already banned thats why
  9. Its An Alliance, AA = Alliance Affairs or an Alliance Thanks just what i needed. Very helpfull.😁
  10. Im going to be creating an aliance but I need menbers so im recruiting members. This aliance will be made a while from now but it will be a great aliance, it will be run by the government with all having a say in it. Any changes will be voted by the members. It will have a balanced tax. Every one can do anything as long as it doesnt threaten the aliance. If you need help you can ask the whole aliance in discord unless you want to dm someone than make sure one of the government members knows so they know the situation. Refund are limited for the day for up to 2mill. Changes and tips can be made
  11. Whats an aliance affair I realy dont know and cant get info any where not even the inter net. I need in deep details meaning a lot of info.
  12. 272142 271331 270862 There you go I have a feeling all my accounts are going to be deleted for this action I took. Please dont delete my main acount please please please dont delete it please.
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