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  1. Hello, as I write this advertisement to the PnW community, I am excreting yesterday’s Quarantine dinner. Spaghetti and garlic bread. I sit on this throne thinking of how I enjoyed that meal in bed, while watching the latest Indian man building pool video on YouTube. It is nights like that, which give me solace in the safety that many of us enjoy in our first world luxury’s. we must always be grateful for our luxury’s, friends and families, belligerent pets, and THE STRATOSPHERE. HERE AT THE STRATOSPHERE WE ARE LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS WHO EITHER HAVE HELD GOV POSITIONS OR ARE WILLING TO STEP UP TO GOVERN. WE NEED FIGHTERS, LOVERS AND LAUGHERS A BIG THANK YOU TO STRATOSPHERE’S UNOFFICIAL SPONSOR: LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.
  2. STS is not becoming an offshore in negotiations Amon requested that STS provide military support in the event that a UC offshore was attacked
  3. In recent days of conflict between Umbrella corporation and the Stratosphere both sides have fought valiantly and have earned their existence in orbis. But the time for conflict is over, and UC and STS are willing to bury the hatchet. Conditions of peace: Stratosphere: will aid in the protection of UC financial interests such as an offshore bank. Umbrella Corporation: will provide 60days of protectorate status to the Stratosphere, and give 20mil as an offering of goodwill and mercy. /s/ Amon UC leader /s/ Dave III STS leader The stratosphere Government working in conjunction with the government of the umbrella corporation have both increased their vetting processes of applicants. In the past Stratosphere has had to deal with spam on discord from entities such as bleu and Ronnetka. It seeing our similar issues, UC and STS are determined to filter out the trolls, spam and other troublemakers Umbrella Corporation and Stratosphere are both appalled at the possibility of multis existing in UC, and we are working hard to find and expose them. Such breaking of PnW rules is NOT condoned or accepted by either alliance.
  4. Surrender is never an easy decision for an alliance to make, but when faced with unbeatable odds and the toughest of opponents one must compromise. In a short war between the stratosphere and Imperium, It was demonstrated by the imperium, the vast power gap between the two alliances. Suffering heavy losses Stratosphere has officially conceded defeat. Graciously, Imperium has accepted the Stratosphere’s surrender. All hostilities between the two alliances and allies are to be ceased effective immediately. In the terms of surrender, Imperium has generously included a seven-day non-aggression pact, which the Stratosphere is grateful to accept. In conclusion, the stratosphere has taken a heavy blow, and Imperium has shown mercy, grace, and power. tl;dr The Stratosphere officially surrenders to The Imperium For The Stratosphere /s/ Dave III, General For The Imperium /s/ Lord Vader, Emperor /s/ Komnenos, Primarch of FA* /s/ I'm Alive?, Primarch of IA /s/ Crunch, Primarch of Milcom
  5. Good luck you will need it ?
  6. Hahahahahahaha....you fool, you think you have achieved godhood? MY DEAR FRIEND BEHOLD!!! TREMBLE IN MY PRESENCE
  7. I hope this announcement finds all are doing well in these trying times. In the interest of comradeship and joint alliance military operations, STR and TKBO have agreed to an MDoAP to preserve the wellbeing of both alliances. Article I In the interest of defense STR and TKBO will come to the aid of each other when requested. Article II In offensive wars it is left to the discretion of each sovereign alliance to aid each other when requested. Article III This treaty is non-negotiably binding until the agreed length of time (100 days) has passed. Upon the expiration of the treaty, STR and TKBO will once again come together and either: abandon the treaty, edit its contents and renew, or renew as is. /s/ The Stratosphere Commander: Dave III /s/ The knights of the Blood Oath Bogor: Isole Kendra
  8. Well, I guess while I’m incorporated in CSO I’ll try my best to improve it. But have no doubts on the Stratosphere, it will be a force to be reckoned with as the record shows.
  9. Wait...what’s wrong with CSO? if I’m unaware of something please feel free to share thanks, Dave III
  10. Yes I know that. Which is why I’ve read out to your FA. I must say I hold no hard feelings towards Camelot and view their mistake in the first round as that a mistake. Although I would not agree that it’s a winning trade for Camelot to lose so much infra for my tanks or ships. But for the purpose of battle it is effective. I respect Camelot and I’m sure on some level they hold respect for me. there is no greater friendship then that born through bloodshed. Many thanks for the positivity on this topic Dave III Thanks for the kind words I’ve actually joined the CSO bloc and they are very helpful. I think with their help and comradeship Stratosphere will grow with haste. thanks again, Dave III
  11. Just a correction sorry but I only one two of the wars, the ones with Camelot. I took the beige with Aurora. But thanks anyway they were rly fun. Stay health, Dave III
  12. I think I know where the funding is coming from?
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