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  1. I personally started an alliance as a one man and slowly but surely worked an alliance past top 50 and top 40 and 30, I didn't do it alone I have great co-govs today but when The Stratosphere 1.0 started it was just me with zero connections to any major alliance until we got signed by Spartan Union who was #48 at the time. It can still be done it just takes time and effort. I'd never held a single gov position before leading STS but learning on the fly and being resourceful and exploiting opportunities is all it takes.
  2. Hedge and Delta bloc have come to terms of White peace in the addition that Delta bloc takes on the temporary officiality of Johnson for 1 month Although everyone on all sides will get the chance to rebuild, I am most excited for the changes to come to delta. A new bloc of protectorates and O-levels with Oasis took on one of the older blocs Hedge and held its own. I believe that genuine expression on my part is necessary to best represent Delta, which is why this is not the original writing which was to be posted. In this beginning of peace between the two bloc it would be careless
  3. If your insinuating homosexuality I find that insulting to the LGBTQR+ community in that it would be used to invoke a response of insecurity, please remain respectful in public forums. Your (perhaps unintentional) bigotry is not welcome. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=166504
  4. They hate us cuz they ain’t us
  5. TaskForce Delta formally recognizes hostilities with TeRmiNalJest and Oblivion. Well to be honest this was expected to happen earlier so I thank all involved for waiting to attack delta. To Jest’s earlier DoW I say bullshit, if you wanna start a fight for fun then say so. Making up ridiculous reasons for war is not only insulting to us but degrades the honor of the combat we’re about to engage in. To conclude, if you mess with Delta you get the Big D.
  6. yes but the embassy with the bloc has to do with bloc FA and can differ from individual interest and policy so I'd say if you're interested in maintaining FA connections with one alliance of Delta I'm sure you can also open an embassy in their server.
  7. One Family and Three Armies. The Stratosphere Marine Corps(SMC), Soldiers of Liberty(SoL), United Armies(UA) and Brotherhood Family(BF) have come together to form TaskForce Delta. This Bloc will exist for mutual defense and optional aggression with cooperation of all affiliated alliances being the focal. It’s with great excitement and pride that such alliances can stand together in this way. We’ve known each other for some time and this is a great opportunity for the growth of not only our alliances but our friendships, we invite anyone interested in joining in our comradery
  8. This wasn’t motivated due to the merge, in these messages to the captain of Theta Squad Kru expresses dissatisfaction but this wasn’t made known to any of the other govs even Jacob who was Kru’s co-leader in UNMC. From our point of view his intentions to fracture the alliance came out of nowhere which is what spurred such a disproportionate response. Kru’s position also plays a heavy part. If a regular member or even low gov did the same thing then the response would have been much less severe, but because Kru had been maintaining secrecy with his true intentions we could not necessarily know
  9. I definitely agree that this could've been settled in private, but when an heir acts in the way that kru did and is subsequently banished, it is definitely out of the ordinary and warrants a public post.
  10. No, the members have been extremely capable and have worked well, cohesion between the members of TKTS and UNMC has been perfect thus far. Kru was the problem not those he served as heir for.
  11. There were 2 leaders of UNMC and of the two he did less work. Jacob Apple for all intents and purposes was the truest leader of UNMC which is why he is my Co-Commander of SMC
  12. yes, you've caught me red handed. I took everything from him, his members, his money, and the love of his life. lol yea if he wanted to leave the aa and approached me to get his stuff back I would have obliged no problem, but once he became a threat to poach or coup, he gets sent to brasil. and once you're there you don't get your safety deposits.
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