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  1. i just puked in my mouth leave that in hell where it belongs
  2. this is the bk i remember frick scx
  3. @Yosodog why are you letting these frickboys steal our IP
  4. I'm also in contact with my accountant to get us monetary compensation. @Psweet halp
  5. If you're blindly doing what you're told, you need to reevaluate your decisions and I have no sympathy for you. They drank the koolaid, they made their bed, they can lie in it. Just because Jim Jones kept people in the dark doesn't mean I need to like the people who followed him.
  6. as far away from here as humanly possible, i hope hopefully they've got cumfire under lock and key too
  7. something something "just business"
  8. You know, when I heard people were shitting on a micro, I figured they were doing something dumb like "publicly announcing we're open to sign treaties" or "spamming Alliance Affairs with a million useless posts" or some shit like that. But, shitting on an O-level? Really? I mean yeah, I think they're useless too (because every alliance has the *option* to do whatever the frick they want) but really guys? This is just fricking stupid. Best of luck GATO. Judging by these people, you aren't the ones that need it.
  9. Adrienne, welcome to the avid shitposting club. We meet whenever I can be assed to arrange one.
  10. Guess I'll take the Kurdanak role here.
  11. A true graduate of the Leo school of foreign affairs. Truly Superchola-X's child.
  12. Sounds like a great argument for it. This game needs a degree of risk, otherwise we might as well sit around and just build cities forever. Shouldn't be surprised that you're not a risk taker, Mr. 6 city down declare
  13. Because we should definitely be looking to CN when it comes to groundbreaking mechanics...
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