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  1. I'm going to comment in the necro thread to say that communism and capitalism are both equally nasty on a long enough timeline. The US is suffering from late-stage capitalism, where most of the wealth has already been extracted from the younger generations who have to take on tens of thousands of dollars in debt while first starting out in life, and corpro-fascist fiefdoms are being established. For instance; Google. A good deal of Google employees cannot afford to live in the cities that host the corporate headquarters so they have taken to living in trailers inside of said employer's parking lot. There is a literal Google village full of employees who all basically function as modern day serfs. What is worse, this stage of capitalism seems to affect the bleeding out of corporate HR policy into the society at large. The 'polite society' we see is no longer an organic society at all, but the result of people who are afraid to say anything at all out of line with said HR policies while off the clock because most small business has been run out, or is at risk of being bought out by conglomerates. It is a pretty miserable period in history. Group-think is the norm and common sense is non-existent. I've never lived under communist rule but know plenty of people who have. I have heard that it was scary, life was cheap, and the fabric of society is held in place by a facade. Everyone seems to know it is a facade, but everyone is too afraid to question or confront it. Both are terrible but nobody has come up with a new idea. Kind of sad, too, because coming up with a solution would be revolutionary. The other stuff is a larpy cringe.
  2. Practical or no, nuking someone just feels satisfying. Especially if they have farms.
  3. The Princess Bubblegum anime fiasco war
  4. Disband your alliance Join Bkayyy
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