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The Reception

Off to the reception we go. Arriving at the venue, you are greeted by the most beautiful wedding hall to ever be created in less than two months. The decorators clearly went all out for this even. Each table has its own unique array. The food, as was to be expected, was the best the world had to offer. Everything one could ever dream of was there. You need only ask.  The cake itself is magnificent. Given as a gift from one of the Princess's most trusted ally and friend, Souparmon, it was a sight to behold. The level of detail acquired shows just how important this affair is. Needless to say, the cake was far from being affordable to the average citizen. The ball room had different decor as it catered more to drinks and open spaces for dancing than food. It is estimated that it took 43 workers 4 nights to arrange this room alone which is extremely impressive since they had to do begin it all exactly five days prior to the actual wedding.  The newly weds arrived promptly and the entire affair went far better than anyone could have ever dreamt. The two photos of the night however had to be given to the kiss between the two brides and the emotional moment between the Princess Shannakay and her brother, Prince Antonio.  The two stood overwhelmed with tears of joy for a moment after the Prince gave his toast to his sister, recalling moments only the two had shared in the past. It was truly something special to see.  The closing moment of the night. After such a long but thrilling event, the night was capped with another breathtaking, eye watering, heart wrenching kiss.  It was the perfect end to a perfect day in a perfect story. Everything went off without a single hiccup. All in all, everything went perfect.    Now they are off! Princess Shannakay [soon to be Queen] and the new, Princess Arianne are set to have their honeymoon outside of Pegasus.   We send them our best wishes and look forward to the new age.    And to close of today's live broadcast, the wedding was also set in stone by the statement released by the military which stated that to commemorate the event, The Pegasus Army is proud to announce the opening of the first ever nuclear research facility in Pegasus and are have already developed the nation's first ever nuclear missile. The Pegasus Embassy was unavailable for a direct answer given the main event today however have announced on their website/social accounts that Pegasus, does in fact, now possess nuclear capabilities.  

The Wedding

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to film the wedding itself however here is recap of what happened. Hopefully we will be able to get some of the photos taken by RP.   Now here is the recap: Princess Shannakay arrived on the scene sporting a $2mil PGD dress outfitted with freshly cut diamonds and other gemstones. The bride to be, Priestess Arianne arrived shortly after and entered through the main entrance.  Once inside, the people stood and the bride made her way to the front. There the service begun, Arianne said her vows first, followed by Her Highness. After which the knot was tied with the exchange of the rings. Her Royal Highness then took the ring, yes the one we have not been able to stop speaking about all week, and placed it upon Arianne's finger. Her Highness's ring, whilst far more subtle, was still a very shocking sight as the diamond glistened when it was taken out of the swade casing. The ring, which itself was pure silver, sported 53 crushed diamond pieces, 2 cut and finished white diamonds and to top it all off it featured, as its main artifact, a freshly cut, trimmed and polished, blue diamond. The ring is said to have cost a whopping $45mil PGD and required the cooperative effort of four different 'Jewelers' to be completed.    After the exchange of the rings, the marriage was sealed with the kiss and what  a kiss it was. The raw affection shown with than one kiss had the entire room gasping for air when it was over. So caught up was everyone that the room went silent as even the Priest held his breath in anticipation.  The applause that followed set new records for marriages as not a single person was left sitting.     Now it's off to take pictures before the reception.

The Bride Arrives

The Bride has arrived! However she did not come through the same entrance as everyone else. In fact, all morning, the main personnel have been travelling through the 2nd entrance. However the bride will enter through the main gateway. Her Highness, Priestess Arianne stops for a quick smile to the camera before being escorted by her father inside. Let the wedding begin. 

To The Wedding Ceremony!

The Wedding procession is underway! The Queen Regent (Hayley) arrives at the Wedding before her daughter. This will be her last time at a public affair as the acting Queen as Princess Shannakay's coronation process is set to begin after the wedding and honeymoon are complete. Whilst we aren't sure what the item on her head was, rumor suggests it may be in honor of her daughter's fiancée's culture.  Princess Keira arrives shortly after, looking as beautiful as ever. Then arrived Her Highness herself. Sporting the Royal Colors of The Pegasus Empire, she looked simply dazzling in her outfit. However she wasn't to spend long in front the cameras and was soon whisked away.    More after the break.

The Official List of All Foreign Officials/Heads of States attending the wedding has been released.

The Official List of All Foreign Officials/Heads of States attending the wedding has been released.   Heads of States From Farkistan Souparmon  Hayley (The Princess's Mother) Kosmokenny Saloph Maddog Bozzie From Afrika Korps Red Baron (The Priestess's Father) Khai Jager Agent Zero (The Princess's long time friend) From Pantheon katashimon13 LukeTP GoomyMan SixSadistic66 The Syndicate Leopold von Habsburg Timmy BAMF  Deathly Hallows Meggles (Vip guest) InsaneJokerJester09 (Vip guest) AMC Karol the wise Weebunism Empiur The Coal Mines Nokia Rokia The Originals Elijah Mikaelson (Trusted friend and Ally of Pegasus)  note: He is from Yakuza and is not officially apart of 'TO'. Ry Hollingsworth Ashton Rowe Moody (Protected by the Empire)    Other officials include delegates from over 362 countries among other representatives. The total estimated foreign official visits this week are at a record high of approximately 985 Heads of States/Representatives/Ambassadors. 

A Wedding To Last The Ages #2

As the time for the wedding approaches, multiple delegates and Heads of States are being escorted to the site of the ceremony. The Princess has not yet left the Imperial Palace however and neither has the Priestess left the Royal Palace grounds. A Detachment from the Royal Palace's guard can be seen guarding the palace from the sun rose into the sky.  Back at the imperial palace however, things are looking much different, with many persons still coming and going thus suggesting that all is not yet ready.  The military has remained stationed at the Palace grounds since the wedding was announced.

A Wedding To Last The Ages #1

Good Morning Pegasus. Welcome to the official live broadcast of today's main event, the wedding of Princess Shannakay and Priestess Arianne.  As the sun rises we can already see the streets bustling with life as people begin crowding the sidewalks and walkways.  The Air Force has also been very active over the course of the night with its activity peaking as the sun rose into the sky.  On the ground, things aren't much different either.  Police officers from all over the country have been called to the capital to ensure maximum security. There is also a strong military presence within the area.  The wedding is not yet set to begin however there are already multiple concerns as to just how secure any travelling will be today, given the massive influx of people into the capital to mark this grand occasion. 

Wedding Preparation Pt.3

The date for the wedding had been made public. Set for June 25th, construction crews are speedily completing the final preparations on a the wedding hall.  Elsewhere, the Imperial Palace has been a very busy site lately as dressmakers and decorators, chefs and cake bakers have been in and out all weekend. The entire surrounding area around the Palace has become a no traffic zone with only police, military and certified civilian vehicles able to get through the and into the area. All residents living within the area who drive have to leave their vehicles in the parking lots, created for this very purpose, outside the zone.  Meanwhile all flights into the capital city are being diverted away from the city's main International Airport as more and more Heads of State and delegates arrive into the country for the event.   

Wedding Preparation Pt.2

In other, even more exciting news, Priestess Arianne has arrived today at the SC International Airport. She was greeted by Representatives from the Imperial Palace and was transported immediately to the Royalton Estate in Shannakay City. In keeping with the traditions, neither bride will be able to see each other before the wedding.  A police convoy escorted her safely to the palace where she will remain for the upcoming days/weeks leading up to the wedding.  A date has yet to be announced. 

Wedding Preparations continue pt.1

Breaking News.  We have just received exclusive pictures of the wedding ring and boy does it look shiny! The ring, made by Shawish Jewelry, is a 150 carat of pure diamond.  The official statement from the Jewelers is as such. "Valued at approximately $68 million and weighing in at 150 carats, the ring is made entirely out of a cut and finished diamond."   If diamonds are a girl's best friend, this must be a girl's personal flying, cupcake-baking, magical unicorn. I mean, look at this ring. The Imperial Palace had this to say on the matter.  "This wedding is not just any wedding, but is one of love, passion and political intrigue and as such, no expense shall be spared in making it the largest affair in the history of the world."   And indeed, no expense have been spared. The ring has already been bought and transported to an undisclosed location where it is under maximum security. It has been reported that the princess and a few other personal attendees were the only ones to lay eyes on this perfect piece of art.   

More News at 4

Welcome back to another news segment. Today we bring you live coverage of the wedding preparations. For those of you still in the dark, about a week ago it was announced that Princess Shannakay and Priestess Arianne are to get married. Since then, lots have happened.    To start, the Pegasus Air Force have been very active during the week bombing multiple targets.  Whilst most of the airstrikes occurred in the Cities of the opposition, no civilian casualties have been confirmed by either side as yet, however thousands of military lay amongst the dead as all Airstrikes were very successful.  In other news, the Army have completed 3 of the 4 operations it had begun.  The navy has also been very supportive of both ground and air advances and have blockaded/destroyed all opposing naval threats.  More news after the break.

Issue 1A

Eugene Faulkner III announces new Constitution Eugene Faulkner III current ruler of Belveria announced today of the creation of a new Constitution and Declaration for the nation of Belveria. In an address to the crowds gathered from across the former nation of Erusea, the newly appointed ruler announced the dissolving of the former Imperial Court that ruled in the absence of Eugene Faulkner II who passed away several years ago and announced instead the reforming of the Belverian Congress.  "The Imperial Court after the death of my father ruined this nation and brought death and decay to our homes. Under their rule, the people suffered greatly and the nation tore itself apart from the inside. As the new leader I can not allow that to continue nor can I allow the legacy of our former nation forever be marred with images of despair and doom. It is time that we make a step forward. Much like my great grandfather James Faulkner did with the Erusean Civil War that led to the creation of the Military Monarchy and powerful Military Government." Under the new Constitution, the Imperial Court was dissolved and all rights, powers, privileges, and titles of nobility were removed. The newly reformed Belverian Congress (referred to as the 2nd Belverian Congress) will be elected officials from each of the city-states that make up the nation of Belveria. The Imperial Throne and Monarchy will remain in power but will divert a great deal of its power to Congress. As to what powers still belong to the Monarch has yet to be announced but with the elections set for a few months away, the people believe that the current strongest party the Noblest Party will gain the majority of the seats. It is believed that the Belverian Union Party will take the second majority of seats followed by a much smaller third party of the Conservative Liberty Party.

More News at 12

Welcome back to News at 12. In Yet another shocking turn of events, The Pegasus Embassy has, yet again. made the headlines of the news.  To start things off we had the announcement of the new military games being started, shortly afterwards however we saw what we presume to be most of the military being deployed overseas. Now, we have yet more breaking news as more details about the wedding have been announced. In this official reply regarding why the wedding costs so much, we get a look into just how massive this wedding will be, what it means for the future of Pegasus and it's allies and what it means for potentially new allies.  Starting first with the most shocking of all the news, there won't be one bride at this wedding.  Yes, you heard that correctly. The Imperial Palace released another statement via a representative stating that there will, in fact, be more than one brides at this wedding.  Now I know you are thinking, well we already knew that because Princess Shannakay was getting married to another female leader of another country but that is not what this statement is referring to. This statement is saying that the Priestess and the Princess will not be the only two state officials possibly getting married on that day. Now whether this means that there will be more than one weddings that day, or whether it will be one wedding, the representative did not say.  He also did not clarify whether or not this meant Princess Shannakay was only getting married to the Priestess or whether she was getting married to multiple heads of state.  One thing is for certain however, the inclusion of not only three other heads of states but our own Princess all in one location on one day means that there will be a massive security budget for this event.   

News as 12

In today's News segment we have a ton of things to cover. To kickstart this news segment off, wars, wars and more wars is the policy now of the Pegasan Military as majority of the forces were deployed in the past week overseas.  The reasoning behind this new offensive tactic is simple according to the Secretary of Defense.  "The upcoming wedding requires money, and whilst we do possess an adequate amount to facilitate such an expenditure, we must consider the future." She went on to state that the current state of affairs will ensure that Pegasus will not, and I quote, "Cover the total cost of this wedding".  The Pegasus Embassy had this to say on the matter. "Whilst the military is actively engaged overseas, we are not seeking to completely launch a new campaign against multiple different nations. It is imperative that the people, especially our allies understand that this new approach comes from a need to balance out the profit margin in the books. Furthermore, each of these countries we are now actively fighting against have in fact given cause for such offensive actions through one means or another. Therefore whilst we are not requesting that any allies join us in this maneuver, we will not turn down any assistance or possible peace talks from either side of the conflict."  Now after giving this statement from the Embassy some thought, we came up with the conclusion that the ulterior motive here is not exactly being focused on. If we look back at the entire statement, not once did it refer to the fact that all the Pegasus Army is doing is plundering all nearby seemingly non operating countries with overwhelming might. Furthermore, the statement neither confirms nor denies whether or not the previous statement made by the Secretary of Defense was an accurate depiction of what was going on or not. I guess we will just have to wait and see.     

Breaking News!

The Imperial Palace and The Pegasus Embassy has just issued an official statement which declared an official State Marriage between     Princess Shannakay (Rebekah) and Priestess Arianne (Strea)   The Wedding is set to take place over the course of the coming weeks/months depending on how long the preparations will take.  The Original's diplomats met with The Afrika Korps Embassy and came to an agreement allowing the lovers to partake in an otherwise impossible marriage.   Preparations have already begun for the largest construction project to ever take place in Pegasus on such short notice. The Budget set for this wedding which will ultimately last forever is set at a whopping 225 million PGD (3.4bil USD)  

Prince Charles Captured

At 02:01 a.m., The Pegasus Imperial Guard stormed the Supreme Leader of The Shire's compound and quickly overwhelmed the guards.    Once the enemy fully surrendered, the ISAF went in and secured Prince Charles who is now in Pegasan custody. With the target secured, both parties agreed to end the war.     

The Marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Shannakay has been nullified. WAR!!!!

It has been officially announced. The Marriage between Prince Charles and Her Royal Highness is officially over.      The Pegasus Embassy released a statement earlier today stating that there were two primary reasons for the break up.  "The Marriage between both parties was mediocre at best and Her Highness was not amused. Furthermore the marriage was not of an ordinary nature." Do keep in mind that it has been reported that Her Highness has never even kissed him, let alone stayed in the same country as him.    The statement went on to say, "We are also aware that by law, they are not actually married as Her Highness did not actually sign the documents thus making it null and void." The representative continued for a while, explaining this entire process and how such a thing could occur before continuing.  "Lastly, after a royal member of Prince Charles's family assaulted Her Highness's sister, Princess Arryha, The Pegasus Embassy alongside The Royal Guard has deemed the act, an act of aggression. Once Her Highness found out about the matter, a declaration of war was issued against Prince Charles' nation."   His father, Supreme Leader Ram Sollick, has opted to defend his son rather than turn him over to Pegasus. In response to this, the Pegasan Navy was deployed marking the start of the war.    At 04:05 hrs, The Pegasus Navy launched a naval assault on The Shire in which all opposing naval defence forces were completely destroyed. The Navy then went on to completely blockade the country thus shutting down all its trade.  The remaining Pegasan forces are expected to be deployed shortly to join the fight. The war rages on with no immediate end in sight. However there have been rumours suggesting that if Prince Charles is in fact turned over to the Pegasan forces, a peace treaty can be negotiated.   

News at 3

The Military Games have begun.   Each year the military hosts a series of events before commencing its actual military exercises. These events range from Paintball gun fights to obstacle courses.  Today marked the beginning of the PGSM Games which will begin with paintball gun fights throughout various locations with each area having different objectives and conditions.      Many military personnel look forward to these events as it allows them the perfect opportunity to socialize while sharpening their skills.  This year will however be the very first year the females and the males will compete with each other with the first Paintball games being a male vs female set up. Needless to say, both are looking forward to competing throughout the games. Which Begin Now!  

The Two Princess's

The Pegasus Empire has, since the dawn of time been ruled by one family. At the time of writing this, Princess Shannakay remains ruler of Pegasus. However there are rumors that the Princess and another princess, Princess Aeolian may be more than just friends.  Only time will tell. Protected by:

Chaos Theory / Stateless Society

Among the most advanced topics in the literature in the Austro-libertarian milieu is that which deals with the workings of the fully free society, that is, the society with no state, or anarcho-capitalism. Robert Murphy deals with this head on, and makes the first full contribution to this literature in the new century. Working within a Rothbardian framework, he takes up the challenge of Hans Hoppe regarding the role of market insurance in property security to extend the analysis to the security of person. His applications are part empirical and part speculative, but unfailingly provocative, rigorous, and thoughtful. The title itself refers to the supposed chaos that results from eliminating the state but Murphy shows that out of chaos grows an ordered liberty. Anyone interested in exploring the farthest reaches of anarchist theory must come to terms with Murphy's account


New things ( LOOOOONG POST )

I think you can add some new units like this: Hackers - units that can hack vulnerable information about other nations and differences from hackers and spies are that hackers can actually destroy something ( infrastructure, nat. projects,... ) and hackers can disable a nation or nation's power ( control to the nation ). Hackers require at least 2000 score and national project to be built. They cost 10 Computer Parts ( read down ) and 100000$ ( per one unit ) to be built.   or   Gunrunners - heavy units that are better than soldiers, but they only destroying aircraft and killing spies. They don't destroy infrastructure or improvements, just aircraft, and spies. They require more than soldiers to be built, but not any project or min. score. They cost 10$ to be built and using food as same as soldiers.   or   Unstable Nuclear Bomb - the most powerful units in the game. They can one-shot the enemy nation. To be used they require 12 Military Action Point as nukes but these are more powerful. To be built they need both Uranium Enchantment and Nuclear Research Facility. To be built they cost 1000 aluminum 500 gasoline and 250 Unstable Chemical Components and 3000000$.   My next suggestion is to add new resources: Computer Parts - these are important for building ' hacker ' units. 1 computer part is equal ( required to be built ) to 6 steel and 4 aluminum. They should have a crafting place called Computer Parts Development Factory or short CPDF.   Unstable Chemical Components - these are important for building an Unstable Nuclear Bomb. It can be crafted with a crafting place called Unstable Chemical Components Factory or short UCCF. 1 Unstable Chemical Components equals ( required to be built ) to 5 uranium and 1 aluminum.   My next suggestion is to add lobby called: Pawnshop - lobby where every player can accept AI offers like 200 uranium for 500 lead or 1000000$ for 250 steel.   And my final suggestion is: Notoriety lobby - it's like a roleplay room and like a minigame. It's minigame when you get some tasks to destroy some countries, cities, etc. and you get a reward for that. Tasks can be posted by AI and players both.   Goodbye!

Breaking News!

The Emperor has proposed to Queen Keira!   While still officially a rumor, it has been confirmed by multiple sources that both royals, whom had met previously at the last Royal Gala held in Rawrington, Hyderia, surprised the staff of a nearby park less than 3 hours ago where they had a very romantic time together which ultimately climaxed with the Emperor on one knee and the Queen saying yes.  While it has neither been confirmed nor denied by the Imperial Palace, we do know that both royals are currently staying at the 'Home Away From Home' compound. Stay tuned as more news on this will be updated momentarily.   

In the Beginning

In the beginning there was a Titan. He had traversed the universe looking for the perfect planet to build upon. He had been travelling for almost a decade when he came across it.  It was the perfect one. Of an infinite number of planets, this was the one.  The Titan slammed into the planets surface with immense power, wiping all the highest life forms on the planet at the time.  He went to work immediately and soon had replenished the entire planet. It now looked even better than before.  He then went on to create man and woman. And soon the new planet had plenty of humans living there.    Years later....   He was walking among his creation, the society called Pandora, when he came across a maiden so fair she distracted him from his thoughts. One thing led to another and the Olympians were born. His children. Everything now seemed perfect. Together, they ruled under the leadership of their father and thus began Pantheon. 




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