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Waldreich National Syndication Issue Special Edition

Willam von Waldreich



Waldreich National Syndication

War Declared against Waldreich

During the night the sound of air raid sirens could be heard across all the nations cities and towns. Within moments of the air raid sirens sounding explosions were heard as a foreign power moved its military might against the Imperial Republic of Waldreich. The nations military had not been prepared for an attack from a much larger enemy, however the nation of High Hill Valley advanced its forces across the boarder and begun its attack across the nation. The House of Nobles and the Imperial Senate met with the Chancellor in an undisclosed location where they began to issues orders to the troops in the field.

Waldreich initiated its wartime protocol and switched its Civilian Economic Production Lines to Military Production and opened makeshift Barracks and other Military Facilities in the hopes of increasing its military power and might quickly. Despite this however the enemy constant strikes have caused widespread panic and unrest as well as has killed thousands of innocent civilians and military personnel alike. Due to the sudden strikes both from the Air and the Sea several townships and cities were damaged and many lives were lost due to the civilian people not being prepared for the assault. 

We are currently keeping an eye on what is going on but as it stands it is believed that William von Waldreich will keep a Defensive War as his priority.


William von Waldreich's Special Announcement

"To the people of Waldreich. I come before you not as your leader or your Chancellor, but as a man, a son, and soldier of this great nation. Earlier the nation of High Hill Valley suddenly and deliberately attacked our nation without just cause or provocation. The fact that its Alliance condones this atrocity against the innocent people of our nation makes me question not just the nation of High Hill Valley, but the Alliance they are a part of as a whole. The people of our nation demand retribution, we demand answers, we demand our enemies to see the great tragedy they bring not to just our people but their own. The sons and men of Waldreich rise against this nation and this oppressor. We stand ready to defend our homes to the end. 

Let me make myself clear to the people, I do not believe we will be seeing help come our way. For that I ask for your forgiveness. But despite that we must remain united and we must remain committed to the preservation of our freedom, our homes, and our land. My father the former King of this nation once said, "We are bound to this nation by blood, sweat, and tears. The blood of many of our sons and daughters lay upon the ground from wars old and new, the sweat of every man and woman that toiled in the fields, in the factories, and everywhere, and the tears of men, women, and children who have seen the best of times...and the worst of times." My father was a man that had seen peace, he had seen war, and he prayed everyday that war would never come again. But here it is and our enemy cares nothing of honor. May the Divine protect us all, and may our men and women that serve in our armed forces defend our homeland, and when this war is over may we all rebuild and may our enemy remember. Here stood the children of Waldreich, and here lays their blood of their soldiers. For Victory will come."



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