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The official News Network of the nation of Waldreich

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Waldreich National Syndication Issue Special Edition

Waldreich National Syndication War Declared against Waldreich During the night the sound of air raid sirens could be heard across all the nations cities and towns. Within moments of the air raid sirens sounding explosions were heard as a foreign power moved its military might against the Imperial Republic of Waldreich. The nations military had not been prepared for an attack from a much larger enemy, however the nation of High Hill Valley advanced its forces across the boarder and begu

Waldreich National Syndication Issue #0002

Waldreich National Syndication STRT losses grow as Investigation continues Recently multiple strikes against the STRT and its officers has brought the death toll to 28. Currently the STRT is continuing the investigation as to who is behind the unwarranted strikes against the nation of Waldreich as well as its STRT Agency. The continued attacks have costed millions in damages and loss of life and has caused the Chancellor to call for the creation and establishment of a Centralized Intel

Waldreich National Syndication Issue #0001

Waldreich National Syndication GDP drop puts more pressures on new government The recent financial reports presented by the Department of Economics and the Department of the Interior has concluded that the recent expansion has caused some unexpected consequences. The nations GDP has dropped over 3% and will possible drop further as continued City Development and Military spending reaches new heights. The Department of Economics has stated that expansion in infrastructure has increased
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