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The Structure of the Cult




Data Log #1 -X-Foxtrot Echo-0001

The Blood God Cult is a mysterious organization that is known to worship the Blood God. The basics of the cult is that one must offer something of great value to them to appease the Blood God and to receive a gift from the deity. Many stay within in the cult to maintain order and the structure of it. These people become priests and priestesses of the religion. The ideals of the cult are that of war, violence, chaos, anarchy, and the desire to do what pleases the Deity.  All forms of government are seen as useless and ineffective to the cult and it's members. Despite this, members will infiltrate governments to recruit new members and slowly destroy the structure of the government. There are no signifying traits that can identify a member, which makes their infiltration hard to counter. From the records of several different groups, it is known there is a single leader of the Cult, which is the Speaker. The Speaker holds no true leadership position, but rather acts as the vessel for the Deity to speak to it's followers. More is being found out about this Cult and the search for a way to detain and stop the Speaker is still being looked into. Further research is in progress.

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