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Norsif Police Kill Invading Caravan




Tensions at the border of Norsif when a Caravan ignited said tensions; so much so. The Police Opened fire upon the Caravan. When closer inspection was made. The Police seized over 80 Bricks of Cocaine and Fentanyl. 80 members of the Las Calibres Cartel were arrested at the border. And then executed by the Norsif Police Officer's. Their bordering neighbor Erondia is furious that they tossed the bodies over onto Erondia's lands after executing them.

Norsif Wolves has been seen near the border killing people running from the current persecution of Islam in Erondia only for the Norsif to put them down as they enter the country unknowningly. As Norsif enforces a zero tolerance border crossing those whom are caught regardless of situation has been put to death.




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