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Waldreich National Syndication Issue #0002

Willam von Waldreich



Waldreich National Syndication

STRT losses grow as Investigation continues

Recently multiple strikes against the STRT and its officers has brought the death toll to 28. Currently the STRT is continuing the investigation as to who is behind the unwarranted strikes against the nation of Waldreich as well as its STRT Agency. The continued attacks have costed millions in damages and loss of life and has caused the Chancellor to call for the creation and establishment of a Centralized Intelligent Agency. The funds were diverted from the Royal Families account and was used to build a new and state of art facility to use to act as a base of operations for continued investigations.

"The people deserve answers, the people deserve security, and the people deserve to know who it is that is attacking our nation for absolutely no reason. We have not attacked anyone, we have to used our agents to attack anyone, nor have we openly spoke out against anyone or any other nation. The fact that there is a nation out there that believes attacking and killing innocent people for no known reason is nothing less than a cowards move." Chancellor William von Waldreich stated as he was heading to a meeting with the House of Nobles.

Civil unrest has been minimum as many believe that it hasn't affected the civilian population directly but, there is growing concern that an attack against the people will happen and it will cause to a greater loss of life. 


Military spending increases ruffle feathers in the Imperial Senate

Recently the House of Nobles voted and agreed upon a new Military Budget that would see the expansion of the current military fighting force by 10% or more over the new few months. Part of the spending package also saw the development of special programs that would be introduced into school systems across the nation. This caused a stir in the Imperial Senate (also referred to as the Peoples Senate), as members voiced their concerns of introducing military education into the local school systems. They also argued that the current military spending budget was enough for a defensive force and that any further increases would be seen as an 'Imperialistic' posture that could hurt their foreign diplomacy standing.

The new Military Budget proposal called for an increase across the board from the training of new Infantry to the increased production of Tanks, Aircraft, and Ships. There is also a push to begin working on the creation of a new Strategic Missile Command Network that would be tasked with the creation of missile development and management. The final section of the budget proposal was the establishment of a nationwide Youth Military Development Program that would require all schools to implement physical exercise along with military training drills into the current curriculum. 

While the majority of the Imperial Senate agreed to the development of some sort of physical exercise program in school, it did not agree with the establishment of a military training program to run along side it. While many did voice their concern the amount of votes believed to be needed to place the proposal on hold will most likely not be reached as Chancellor William von Waldreich has stated he is optimistic about the program.

"I think it is in poor taste to introduce military training along with a physical exercise program into the school system, especially for the Elementary schools. While I don't deny that such a system could be helpful and beneficial to the Secondary schools and Academy's, to force our children to participate in such things at an early age seems counter productive." stated Imperial Senator Gregor Heinzmen. 

It is expected that the measure will pass through the Imperial Senate and be signed by the Chancellor by the end of the month. 



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