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Inflating Food Market Prices for Fun :)




It was a good two day run, but it looks like I won't be getting the Food average price to 150 ppu. Seems like most players care only about trying to sell things off fast, without caring to sell it off high.

Some highlights of the past two days:

  • Highest price was 149 ppu, lasted for just over an hour. Sold ~750k though.
  • Average price across all my trades was 144 ppu.
  • Managed to keep the price at 146 ppu for 9 hours (before I pushed it to 149 ppu) and sold 4.6 million Food.
  • Highest amount sold in one trade was 2.5 mill @ 141 ppu. Also managed to sell off another 3.4 mill @ 146 ppu, across two trades.
  • Spent 1.5 billion buying out lower priced trades, but still managed to make a tidy profit.

Hope you all enjoy the lower Food prices, as people keep undercutting each other. Maybe we can get it down to below 100 ppu again ;)



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11 hours ago, Sweeeeet Ronny D said:

let me know next time you try this, i love nothing more than undercutting people that try to manipulate the market.

This feels like a trend. First Zigbig is anti-brokering and then this

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11 hours ago, Nukey6 said:

This feels like a trend. First Zigbig is anti-brokering and then this

personally i have been doing it for years, nothing better than watching someone try to buy out a market, and then just keep putting up a few thousand of a resource to force them to buy, then a few thousand more, and a few thousand more.  Who doesn't enjoy manipulating the manipulator?

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