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The great new nation of Mauritian Soviet Socialist is developing at an alarming rate! To much of the dismay of its enemies, the inactive, the lazy, and the !@#$. The capitalists alliances did not fail to remark and get jealous of Premier Aidan's successful policy of "anti-manifest destiny", which is a threatening method of rapid growth. 


As the enemies of the nation attempt to stop the righteous cause of the Premier and his wife, the Mauritian Red Army, led by a reborn Marshal Tito, crush or fend off aggressively the waves of enemy American tanks, Israeli task forces, and Philipino spies! With a whopping 21,450 active comrades at the frontline, and a soon to be tank division, the MRA is unstoppable!


Long live Lenin!

Broadcast by Aylee, The leader's "mommy" (the leader is fictional and the player is a girl, just for reminders 😕 

Entries in this blog

Our newest victories!

My fellow comrades and listeners alike, here is a bulletin of our glorious campaigns in the name of socialism!   The Fascist state of "Priyam" at its knees! A final wave in 6 hours will be enough for another victory to be claimed by our illustrious Socialist Union! The land of "Tropico" on the brink of surrender as well! "Madimatur","Pinklipas", and "The Great Dalek Empire" to surrender within 6 hours, as said by Aidan, "Or they will fall like all the others before them!"
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