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  1. *Transmission Incoming* -Senior Researcher Charles Reporting- *Clearance Code X- Alpha 12-010 -X* **New Data Entry L- Foxtrot Delta Echo N-0001** * Location: REDACTED Time: 0304 Dimension: C-056* Hello, Senior Researcher Charles reporting. I have returned from the first meeting of the Blood God cult witnessed by a non-recruit. Frankly, I do not know what to say. I was expecting the occult and many horrific rituals to be common place. However, no such rituals occurred. I cannot say if this was due to my presence or something true of all meetings of this cult. The meeting began with a speaker reciting a passage from what appeared to be an ancient book. Then, my presence was acknowledged. The first speaker continued with news of what appeared to be low confidentiality information about certain Cult events and actions. Following this, some proverbs speaking about anarchy and the story of the Blood God were shared. The meeting ended abruptly due to a tripped alarm. The attendees scurried out of the meeting area like spooked rats. I was invited to another meeting, one member whispered something that I took as "initiation". Recording and transcripts of the meeting will filed into Dossier X- Hotel India- V:1298. Further investigation is to be conducted. Senior Researcher Charles signing off.
  2. Data Log #2-X- Sierra Echo-0002 The Blood God is an ancient cult that has interacted with history throughout the ages. It isn't clear when the Cult first began it's operations but their presence has been felt by society for what seems like forever. Many researchers attribute almost every major collapse of society or a civilization to some form of the Cult's actions and/or influence. Some more devoted researchers claim that the Bronze Age collapse may have been connected to the Cult in some way or another. The infiltration of governments and societies can be multi-generational and some major historical leaders are speculated to have been involved with the Cult in some way. Some examples of their actions can be infiltration, manipulation of information, manipulations of people in power or close to people in power, leading the nation, and/or leading a rebellion towards the current government. Almost all anarchic actions and affairs can be traced to the Cult. *Transmission Interrupted* ** Incoming Call** - Senior Researcher Charles Reporting- *Clearance Code X- Alpha 12-010 -X* *Location : Unknown Time : Unknown Dimension : Unknown* - * Recorded Conversation Between Senior Researcher Charles and Compound Director *REDACTED* * - * Senior Researcher Charles will be referred to as SRC-12 and Compound Director will be referred to as CD-X4* -- SRC-12: Hello, *REDACTED*, my research towards the Blood God cult through infiltration and assimilation has produced the most promising results. I have made contact with a Priest and they recruited me to attend a meeting. -- CD-X4: Amazing work, Charles, your diligence and hard work will be rewarded. Please tell me that the Speaker will be there or close enough for level 3 tracking technology to be activated. -- SRC-12: I cannot say for certain that the Speaker will be near this meeting. I infer from the way the Priest spoke that this might be a test. I am not entirely sure if I have gained their trust yet. I will pay the upmost attention to my GPS. If the speaker is in the room or within the ten mile radius, we will know. I thought if I ever encountered one of the cultists that they would be much more violent and stand out. This discovery of a Priest within the city of *REDACTED* shows that our assumption that anyone can be a member is true. Data File V- Omega Echo-1971 can be disregarded. -- CD-X4: Interesting. Proceed with extreme caution, we cannot afford to lose you or this lead. No matter what happens do not let the information that we were able to implant a tracking device into our number one suspect of the Speaker out. If this information is leaked, decades of progress could be lost. We will discard Data File V- Omega Echo-1971 and create a new, more updated data file. Thank you for your hard work once again, Charles. Godspeed. -- SRC-12: I do what I must. I must be going, *REDACTED*. -- CD-X4: Goodbye, Charles. **Transmission Ended**
  3. Data Log #1 -X-Foxtrot Echo-0001 The Blood God Cult is a mysterious organization that is known to worship the Blood God. The basics of the cult is that one must offer something of great value to them to appease the Blood God and to receive a gift from the deity. Many stay within in the cult to maintain order and the structure of it. These people become priests and priestesses of the religion. The ideals of the cult are that of war, violence, chaos, anarchy, and the desire to do what pleases the Deity. All forms of government are seen as useless and ineffective to the cult and it's members. Despite this, members will infiltrate governments to recruit new members and slowly destroy the structure of the government. There are no signifying traits that can identify a member, which makes their infiltration hard to counter. From the records of several different groups, it is known there is a single leader of the Cult, which is the Speaker. The Speaker holds no true leadership position, but rather acts as the vessel for the Deity to speak to it's followers. More is being found out about this Cult and the search for a way to detain and stop the Speaker is still being looked into. Further research is in progress.
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