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A detailed entry of the rise of the Blood God Cult in Orbis. 

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Data Entry #1 - Senior Researcher Charles

*Transmission Incoming* -Senior Researcher Charles Reporting- *Clearance Code X- Alpha 12-010 -X* **New Data Entry L- Foxtrot Delta Echo N-0001** * Location: REDACTED Time: 0304 Dimension: C-056* Hello, Senior Researcher Charles reporting. I have returned from the first meeting of the Blood God cult witnessed by a non-recruit. Frankly, I do not know what to say. I was expecting the occult and many horrific rituals to be common place. However, no such rituals oc


Potaro in Data Entry

Actions of the Cult

Data Log #2-X- Sierra Echo-0002 The Blood God is an ancient cult that has interacted with history throughout the ages. It isn't clear when the Cult first began it's operations but their presence has been felt by society for what seems like forever. Many researchers attribute almost every major collapse of society or a civilization to some form of the Cult's actions and/or influence. Some more devoted researchers claim that the Bronze Age collapse may have been connected to the Cult in some


Potaro in Data Log

The Structure of the Cult

Data Log #1 -X-Foxtrot Echo-0001 The Blood God Cult is a mysterious organization that is known to worship the Blood God. The basics of the cult is that one must offer something of great value to them to appease the Blood God and to receive a gift from the deity. Many stay within in the cult to maintain order and the structure of it. These people become priests and priestesses of the religion. The ideals of the cult are that of war, violence, chaos, anarchy, and the desire to do what pleases


Potaro in Data Log

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