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  1. This IP address has been banned for 365 more days from Politics & War for: Exchanging (or conspiracy to exchange) RL good (hentai) for in-game money. Whole server setup with prices, teaser trailers, and the works. When users asked about buying, told to DM or open ticket; many tickets were deleted. Violation of Game Rules and ToS Ban ID: 1778 You should have read up on the Game Rules. You can't ban the person you claim to involved with selling the goods without banning the buyer @Alex. Also, you still haven't presented your proof. Therefore your accusations are still, in all sense of the phrase, Null and Void.
  2. Short and to the point. 👏
  3. sounds like a plan lol, I didn't want to say anything on it but ... You know 3/4 of the things you mentioned there are how politics are done irl right? If the game actually stood by its theme of Politics and War, nothing he has done would be bannable. Js. Furthermore, most people are different from whom they portray themselves to be in game. If you didn't know him personally you have no talk here. also, how is scamming people a bannable offense? I mean apart from if it breaks any of the rules. Example: If i create a bank that scams ppl billions of ingame cash it doesnt break any rules and as such is perfectly legal. no?
  4. On a completely different note. Can I get you money? I mean we all know you have it stashed somewhere ?
  5. Bye brother. We parted ways in the show and now we part ways in Orbis. Take care!
  6. Ex Machina acknowledges the change in status between TKR and itself and will proceed as designed to activate Order 66. Ex Machina Declares Total War on The Knights Radiant.
  7. Yesterday evening Pegasan troops stormed the final stronghold of the rebels who had launched a coup against the Queen's sister whom, at the time of her fall, was the Everqueen of The Originals. The ensuing battle lasted for hours before a coordinated attack between the airforce and the army ended the threat once and for all. Following the capture of the administrative complex, the remaining rebels surrendered and PGS Command declared victory. Our beloved Queen was crowned Everqueen of The Originals following the victory parade. Long Live The Queen. Queen Pyrrha, Everqueen of The Originals
  8. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=162840 Nation description.
  9. Visit here to learn the full story behind one of the greatest masterminds of all time. https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/Pyrrha_(Jinmi)
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