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Data Entry #1 - Senior Researcher Charles




*Transmission Incoming*

-Senior Researcher Charles Reporting-

*Clearance Code X- Alpha 12-010 -X*

**New Data Entry L- Foxtrot Delta Echo N-0001**

* Location: REDACTED

Time: 0304

Dimension: C-056*

Hello, Senior Researcher Charles reporting. I have returned from the first meeting of the Blood God cult witnessed by a non-recruit. Frankly, I do not know what to say. I was expecting the occult and many horrific rituals to be common place. However, no such rituals occurred. I cannot say if this was due to my presence or something true of all meetings of this cult. The meeting began with a speaker reciting a passage from what appeared to be an ancient book. Then, my presence was acknowledged. The first speaker continued with news of what appeared to be low confidentiality information about certain Cult events and actions. Following this, some proverbs speaking about anarchy and the story of the Blood God were shared. The meeting ended abruptly due to a tripped alarm. The attendees scurried out of the meeting area like spooked rats. I was invited to another meeting, one member whispered something that I took as "initiation". Recording and transcripts of the meeting will filed into Dossier X- Hotel India- V:1298. Further investigation is to be conducted. Senior Researcher Charles signing off.

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