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Long Live The Queen!




Yesterday evening Pegasan troops stormed the final stronghold of the rebels who had launched a coup against the Queen's sister whom, at the time of her fall, was the Everqueen of The Originals.


video games, chopper, Somalia, Black Hawk Down :: Wallpapers


The ensuing battle lasted for hours before a coordinated attack between the airforce and the army ended the threat once and for all.

One served in Vietnam, the other in Iraq. What they think about ...


Following the capture of the administrative complex, the remaining rebels surrendered and PGS Command declared victory. 

Our beloved Queen was crowned Everqueen of The Originals following the victory parade. Long Live The Queen.


Pin on Warriors And Queens

Queen Pyrrha,

Everqueen of The Originals



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Thank you for your informative post! Recently, the issue of gender equality has been the most pressing, but thankfully, women know how to fight for their rights (more about this here: https://artscolumbia.org/free-essays/feminism/) At work, I've had to deal with circumstances like this myself, when my offer was refused because I'm female.

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