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Merger and New Gov

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The British Empire merged into Lordaeron. :) Great guys coming together to form an even greater alliance. We also have a new Charter. Which can be viewed below if anyone wishes to read it.

Article I: Membership
A) Admission - Any nation wishing to join Lordaeron may do so providing they meet the following criteria:
Has applied in-game.
Has applied on the forums.
Has appeared on Discord.
Is not involved in any on going wars (or is vouched for by a member of Gov).
Have agreed to abide by the Charter.
Resides on the color aqua and is flying Lordaeron's flag or a personal Flag
B) Standards
Lordaeron commits to protect all members on our in-game roster, including inactives, applicants, and so forth.
While we absolutely do not tolerate attacks on our inactives (or anyone else in our alliance), nations who are 7 (seven) days inactive or more without providing notice will be removed from the alliance.
Nations who enter vacation mode without notifying government will be removed from the alliance.
If a member repeatedly refuses to respond to attempted contact by the Paladin of Internal Affairs, s/he will be removed.
C) Benefits
Lordaeron strives to give grants and loans to all of our members for the welfare of their nations, in addition to other financial benefits.
Members who accept a grant or any other form of aid and leave within 60 days of acceptance are required to pay back the full amount.
The Government of Lordaeron has the right to impose any regulations needed for the direction of aid.

Article II: Structure
A) Royal Council
The alliance shall be governed by the Royal Council which consists of the High King, Archmages, and Paladins.
The Royal Council shall be led by the High King, in whom all authority for governance rests. He may lead the alliance as he sees fit given that his actions do not violate the Charter.
Any Knight may propose an item of discussion for the Royal Council, and the Royal Council will consider the item, debate it, allow the High King to rule on it, and return a verdict to the Knight’s Court.
One individual may not occupy multiple positions at the same time. For example, no one can simultaneously serve as Archmage and Paladin of Internal Affairs.
B) Servants of the Court
The servants of the court exist to assist with the governance of Lordaeron.
This group is composed of spellbreakers, riflemen, dragonhawks, and priests.
C) Knight’s Court
The Knight’s Court is made up of every member of Lordaeron who is in good standing.
Any member of the Knight’s Court has the full rights and privileges pertaining to belonging in Lordaeron.

Article III: Government
A) The High King
The High King is the leader of the alliance represented in game.
He has the power to remove/accept members to the alliance
He may declare war, sign treaties, or otherwise represent the alliance abroad.
He retains the right to add or remove members of government and advisors at will.
He may delegate his powers to anyone whom he wishes.
He serves until he resigns or is impeached.
B) The Archmage
The Archmage serves as the second in command of the alliance.
While the High King reserves the right to appoint multiple archmages, normal practice is for there to only be one Archmage.
This position’s ultimate responsibility is to serve as an advisor to the High King.
In the event that the High King is impeached or is absent, the Archmage will assume the position of High King (in the event of the High King’s absence, his throne is not abdicated, but merely managed until his return).
C) Paladins
The Paladins assist the High King and Archmage in managing the everyday affairs of the alliance.
The High King may appoint any member in good standing to be a Paladin.
The High King may create a new Paladin position at any time.
The Paladin positions are as follows:
Paladin of Foreign Affairs
Paladin of Internal Affairs
Paladin of War
Paladin of Economics
e. The Paladin and Spellbreakers of Foreign Affairs are responsible for overseeing the management of Lordaeron’s interactions with other alliances. Their specific duties include:
Overseeing embassies of other alliances
Maintaining chatrooms with allies and alliances of interest
Keeping allies and Knights informed of Lordaeron’s FA policies
Advising the High King and developing FA policies
Placing Lordaeron ambassadors in embassies
f. The Paladin and Dragonhawks of Internal Affairs are responsible for maintaining the internal branch of Lordaeron. Their duties include:
Recruiting, vetting, and accepting new members
Interviewing members
Keeping members active
Educating members concerning gameplay
g. The Paladin and Riflemen of War are responsible for overseeing the defensive branch of Lordaeron’s Government. Their duties include:
Bi-weekly check-ins to maintain military preparedness
Maintaining military requirements
Organizing the alliance during times of war
Ordering and defending the alliance against raids
Enforcing military requirements
h. The Paladin and Priests of Economics are responsible for overseeing the financial branch of Lordaeron. Their duties include:
Ensuring alliance growth
Carrying out economic audits
Authorizing loans and grants
Developing sundry growth programs

Article IV: Elections
All positions which make up the Servants of the Court serve a 60-day term.
In order to be considered to be a Servant of the Court, a member must be nominated by a Paladin, Archmage, the High King, or two fellow Knights.
Moreover, a Knight must have been a member in good standing for at least 30 days, active on discord and the forums, and fly the Lordaeron flag in game.
The nomination period will last for 5 days, followed by 2 days of voting.
Knights may begin campaigning on day 1 of campaigning, even if not yet formally nominated.

Article V: Vote of No Confidence
Any member of the Knight’s Court has the right to initiate a vote of No Confidence against any sitting member of the Royal Council (from Paladin to High King).
Once proposed, the VoNC must receive 5 endorsements from other members in good standing within 48 hours, at which point a vote must take place to either remove or retain the current Royal Council member.
The vote shall be initiated by the Paladin of Internal affairs (or the High King if the PoIA is the Royal Council member under Vote of No Confidence) and shall last no less than 24 hrs and no more than 48 hrs.
The removal/impeachment of the Royal Council member requires a two-thirds majority by those voting members of the Knights Court.

Article VI: Amending the Charter
Any full member in good standing may propose an amendment to the charter by starting a thread in the forums. The amendment must receive a second within three days or it will be considered dead. Amendments to the charter shall receive the highest attention of the High Council.
Voting on Amendments. If an amendment receives plurality approval by the Royal Council (i.e., this must be voted on by the High King, Archmage, and Paladins. The High King alone does not have the power to unilaterally amend the Charter), the amendment will then be presented to the Knight’s Court for a vote. The amendment must receive a two-thirds majority from those voting in order to be approved. Voting on an amendment shall last no less than 24 hours and no more than 72 hours.

We also have a new High Government, which can be seen below.

High King: Kastor
Archmage: Kelson
Archmage: James XVI
Paladin of Foreign Affairs: Penguin
Paladin of Internal Affairs: Octavius
Paladin of Economical Affairs: Redarmy
Paladin of War: Solaire

Thanks to all who helped with the transition! None of the treaties will carry over but we wish the best to United Purple Nations and Nights Watch.
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I look forward to working for Lordaeron to the best of my ability.

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Love you guys

Edited by Leo Villalba

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TBH Lordaeron is gonna hit 1st place before summer

You smart. You very smart. 

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Fake news! Fake news!


UPN doesn't still exist so there was never a treaty to carry over anyway.



Congrats to Lord and TBE!

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