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  1. RIP 

    1. YawningOwl



  2. >Not being Juche in 2018 Smh at these plebs still stuck 50 years behind.
  3. I woke up in whTe dogs lands , i saw kara boga (tengri) smiling at me through the sky. Somebody put his hand upon my shoulders i couldnt believed my eyes, It was him! The great african kang mustafa jamal ataTÜRK. He whispered me to take my superior kara boga gun and kill whTe dogs. I started shooting whTe dogs they were running away because of how inferior they were compared to my BBC.  I then saw an explosion, whTe dog , the dog he is tried to kill me with remote bombs. A sharapnel hit me in the neck i was bleeding my superior kara boga kang blood then i saw mustafa jamal and kara boga (tengri) smiling at me through the sky i gave my last word to tengri. It was over , he told me your great sacrifice will not be forgotten!!!


  4. Boi I'm reaaaally boutta getcho pickle chin aah boi, egg head like collard greens head ass boi, ol' hell dat bell dirt aaah boi stank ah boi afro head ass, lip gloss chin ah boi ugly ahhh boi *snort* uglaaaa-

  5. You forgot the part where he said he was joking.
  6. We did roll them. Wrong. They declared on us first and that can be obviously seen by looking at the conflict logs. So yes, it was most certainly a retaliation since they asked for the war by attacking us en masse.
  7. Great way to get your opinion out without actually disproving my point.
  8. I guess that's why many people called to help them were hesitant to hit us. Really makes me think.
  9. It's not called whining, it's called mocking retard. Our retaliation happened in game and we're giving them a hell of a fight considering they needed a plethora of alliances to bail them out.
  10. Yeah, they did attack us first and this is our retaliation.
  11. Pfft. The might of NSR is indisputable against the weak paper alliances. Zodiac is clearly unable to defeat us on their own.
  12. We aren't complaining at all. In fact, we're beating Zodiac pretty badly which is why they've been crying for help. Just thought it was funny.
  13. Basically, Zodiac is seeking allies against the most fearsome 18 man micro. Average Zodiac member right now:
  14. Being a white supremacist or a nazi is not a prequisite to being racist. Just because Asian communities don't like blacks doesn't mean that makes them white supremacists or nazis. You calling everyone who you don't like a nazi or white supremacist doesn't make it true.
  15. That's some hardcore mental gymnastics you got there.
  16. Can confirm that Bastion is behind an ultra conspiracy and that he is in fact a racist white male in disguise as a Chinaman.
  17. Considering that we didn't do a DoE for SIR and we are settling on a new theme and have completely changed our approach to now be a raiding alliance(including changing government structure and soon to be warband system), what else would it be called but a DoE?
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