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    Plot Und Panzer

    good luck. Purely for the theme.
  2. Delacroix

    OWR RoH

    garden OP
  3. Delacroix

    The Imperium Responds to Unprovoked Aggression

  4. Delacroix


    We recognise your recognition of our recognition of hostilities
  5. Article One - White + Purple ≠ Red The Order of the White Rose and The United Empire of Zah'Aharon, hereby referred to as "the Parties," recognize each other as sovereign entities and agree to not declare war upon any of the other party's member-nations, nor to partake in espionage of any kind against the other. Any incident that breaches this clause will be sorted out in a private and timely fashion for as long as the treaty stands. Article Two - To the Last Leaf The Parties are obligated to aid each other in an event of a Declaration of War against either party unless discussed otherwise. Neither party is obligated to join an offensive war. Article Three - Common Gardens The Parties are obligated to share any information received (that relates to/with the other party) with the other party's leadership, through secure channels. Article Four - Pruning the Gardens Should either party wish to withdraw from the treaty, they hold the right to withdraw whenever they desire with the following condition. The withdrawing party must give the other a notice of 72 hours. The treaty is to remain active up until the last moment of these hours upon which the treaty and by extension its clauses will become null and void. Signed for OWR Prime - Sval Prime Regent - Monkeybutt Legate of Foreign Affairs - Delacroix Legate of Internal Affairs - Kabu Proconsul of Potatoes - Axios Proconsul of Awesome - Luis Signed for TUE, Empress Therana, Founder of the Empire Empress Alexia, Keeper of the Realm Advisor Hydraik, the Weeaboo Lord Roose Bolton, Lord of Foreign Affairs Lord De_Quan, Lord of Internal Affairs Lord Curtis III, Lord of Econ Lord Lorhill, Supreme Commanders
  6. Delacroix

    A Lordran Announcement

    Roses are red. Sometimes white stuff about good will all the best.
  7. Delacroix

    Farewell Lordaeron

    o/ lord lordy lord
  8. Delacroix

    10/24/2017 - Treaty Web Renovation

    *sees OWR on the treaty web* OH LOOK MOM WE MADE IT
  9. Delacroix

    A Few Changes

  10. Delacroix

    The Cyprus Accords

    o/ KT. May this friendship last long and resolve stay hard. Much like something else the this treaty does to my body.
  11. Delacroix

    OSHI- LordOWRon

    I hear their bank is actually quite loaded. Looking at ours though I'd say it's a adequately funded treaty
  12. Delacroix

    OSHI- LordOWRon

    All added are beautiful weak or strong. Don't let the Hollywood standards blind you boi
  13. Delacroix

    War. War Never Changes.

    gg wp no re
  14. Delacroix

    Expansion, and Conquering of Vault 111

    The potato gods reach is long
  15. Delacroix

    Expansion, and Conquering of Vault 111

    whoever pays me more will get assistance from the potato god. terms and conditions apply
  16. Delacroix

    An OWR Announcement

    I learned the hard way rolling isn't a good form of measurement
  17. Delacroix

    An OWR Announcement

  18. Delacroix

    An OWR Announcement

    Sometimes everyone has to take different paths. Best of luck to Spectrum on their journey without us.
  19. Delacroix

    We did it Orbis!

    I'm so proud my nuke contributed to this edit: it's down. MOAR NUKES
  20. Delacroix

    A Brief Statement from Spectrum

    Next war on if Spectrum's flag is gr8 or not confirmed
  21. For once the roses were together.
  22. Sheepy should give each nation 1 million or equivalent in potatoes as compensation
  23. Delacroix

    Order of the White Rose Election Results

    Yeah I'd like it back now. You've had everything for long enough
  24. Delacroix

    Merger and New Gov

    to whom

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