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  1. 5 days, 6 if I get to become leader and try to sort this garbage out
  2. https://gyazo.com/a9189dc51d48e4b1ce575c5d232315a1 >top 5 AA
  3. It'll probably be easier for him to simply disband the whole AA and pretend this never happened.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_vote dear god I just realized that the US Congressional Record actually writes as "yea" as opposed to the official procedural "aye". -.-'
  5. 1. Is this a point or just a fact? 2. Islam in a British prison? The prisoners there are literally 99% white trash and like 5 black guys. 3. I mean, a good % of Britain will hate Westminister no matter what, so that's going to work a good 5 days until it gets dropped. 4. Yes, let's follow an ideology of "My country>else". I think the word you're looking for is "Patriotism" for this scenario.
  6. Oh yes, but the left made more ground than anyone else. GroenLinken gained 400%, D66 gained 7 seats, Christian Democratic Union (which isn't right-wing per American Standard) was up 6. The only losses were from the coalition, mostly due to the fact that the leader of the Labour Party focused on EU issues as opposed to domestic issues and pissed a bunch of people off as a result. Even my liberal ass wouldn't have voted for him. The only people that need to "open their eyes" are the people that think this is a ground-breaking gain for the PVV. This isn't even the best result the PVV had. Back in 2010 they lead opposition with 24 seats, netting a gain of 15 seats.
  7. out-of-the-world interest rates in a bad way
  8. Alright, another two cents are needed. You guys seriously still treat MSNBC as a serious source of info? I remember back when people were taught to look at both sides of the argument, pick one and form an opinion. Not anymore apparently.
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