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Cold Dawn Accords


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On March 2nd Polaris was announced that we have finally appeared on Orbis. After finding our way into and through this new world we are Proud to announce.... The Cold Dawn Accords:



Cold Dawn Accords

The undersigned parties enter this agreement for the mutual benefit of all parties.
Article I: Dialogue
Polaris and Alpha agree not to attack each other. If there are any disputes, they will be handled in a private manner.
Article II: Intelligence
Polaris and Alpha agree to share information that may affect each other directly or indirectly.
Article IV: Defense
If Polaris or Alpha come under attack the other one is obligated to come to their defense.
Article V: Aggression
If Polaris or Alpha chose to attack someone else, the other is encouraged, but not obligated to join the fun.
Article VI: Cancellation
If either Polaris or Alpha wish to end the pact, a private notice of 7 days is required. The pact shall remain active throughout the 7 day period.
Signed for Polaris
AlmightyGrub: Emperor
EaTeMuP: Regent
Aero Xross: Minister of Truth (Foreign Affairs)
Mihail the Just: Minister of Love (Internal Affairs)
Dajobo: Minister of Plenty (Economics)
Wredfar: Council Adviser
Signed for Alpha
Placentica, Driver
James II, Hybrid
Hope Solo, Iron

Greatnate, Iron



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Congrats on the treaty! Two solid groups coming together. Polaris is one of the most stalwart allies I have worked with, and I am sure Alpha know that and this treaty came about as a consequence.




Second in Command of UPN

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