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  1. Doesn't it feel so good to be in a democratic vote, yoso? Frankly I'm honored I made it up with the likes of Greatkitteh and Moreau. Sad I didn't do better but that's what you get for going inactive I guess.
  2. I've always been fascinated with how much the paperless alliances can get away with in this game. Arrgh's constant raiding casually dismissed as unavoidable or inconsequential. TEst's monthly wars on seeming-random alliances while they and their allies roll over and take it. Roz Wei existing and allowing kastor to post KASTOR IS OK I GUESS. If your allies, nations, or pride aren't worth fighting for... Then what is?
  3. I rebuilt during the actual war, being above striking range for NPO. I paid multiple weeks worth of 80% cash taxes. If you didn't want hate towards BK, you shouldn't have banned me from the forums in a dumb rage. You shouldn't have taken away my discord permissions. You shouldn't have tried to extort reps from me. You shouldn't have told me to [email protected]#$ off on discord. You spurned my every attempt to reach out to you normally. You ignored my arguments that repayment was a silly policy after I fought for you. In this game, the most you can do is go to war. I did that, I went as far as mechanically possible for you guys - and you still tried to dick me over by demanding a month's worth of income. The only thing I want is someone to admit I was treated unfairly and dismiss the demanded reps.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bdOTUocn5w "An injustice somewhere is an injustice everywhere." It is both the right and responsibility of righteous men to fight against laws and systems that institute unfair or unjust practices or policies. It is necessary for all men to sometimes stand up and say enough to the tyrants and lords of our domain. The powerless many have always been subjected to the abuses of the empowered few, but the empowered few eventually always find themselves deposed and bereft of the power that they so eagerly abused. Like many money-grubbing corporations in another world who entrap customers into predatory terms, BK has decided upon arbitrary terms to force upon beleaguered members to receive rebuilding aid ---- terms only revealed after the war has finished. Either accept the government's terms, or attempt to rebuild in solitude. This injustice made exponentially worse when one realizes that the rebuilding money comes directly from the pockets of the members themselves to begin with. After fighting two wars for BK, one of which very little / no rebuilding aid was requested afterwards, they have decided (post-war, mind you) that I was to be contractually obligated to remaining in the alliance for 2 months after receiving aid or I'd have to pay it back in full. BK started one of those wars, which indirectly fueled the beginning of the next. I did not have a hand in that, I did not ask for blood and thunder to come to my nation. Yet still I fought, I fought beside my friends and comrades and I fought for the Black Knights. Together we claimed victory and victory again. And somehow this was all thrown away and disregarded for the sake of less-than-a-day's income for BK's bank. They asked of me a full month's income, after casting me out and banning me on their various platforms. The only conclusion any person with a sound mind can come to is that this isn't about the money. It is the means by which the empowered few choose to press their will upon the powerless many. It is nothing more than that mild rush of adrenaline that an evil person feels when imposing their misdeeds upon a helpless victim. Is this how BK thinks it is appropriate to treat former members/friends of their alliance that have served with dedication and diligence for almost a year? BK lost a supporter this day due to their inane and insulting policies. Saddening when you really think about how unnecessary all this was if not for the unjust and honestly impractical policies of their government.
  5. I just enjoy content rather than whining. I also enjoy gifs.
  6. Widen your gaze, Frawley. A game like this would narrow the target audience of our genre even further.
  7. I've waited awhile to post about captchas because I wanted to learn the community first. I remain uncertain if trading bots are effectively mitigated by captchas, but I know that baseball bots / recruitment bots aren't. Would it be a stretch to conclude that captchas aren't effective at mitigating bot usage? If they aren't effective, leaving them in the game only serves to punish normal players.
  8. 1. This thread is 2 pages long. That's not "all the drama", it's literally been Keegoz/Kastor trying to fuel the flames while Steve has actually just responded normally to a disgruntled non-leader member of an alliance. 2. Alpha was being nice here, if maybe a little flashy to have posted about it 3. Stop crying about drama. It's what fuels the game, I don't want to get along with everyone here because that's boring.
  9. Look around you, all we have is Fascism in almost every single alliance.
  10. lmao you played Sotan. Not sure who that is, but I'm in the other league - still in first by 4 points. Last game my goalkeeper scored a goal and got an assist. Wtf. In the Premier League we see INGSOC maintain their first place spot by sheer goal difference - the Windrunners have caught up to their points and now just need more goals to regain the Pixel Throne. In Division One Meonesia and SL Benfica continue to fight for 3rd place while Ospary and FC Oriayn fight for first. @hidude - we play each other next. IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS (even though I'm four points ahead of you )
  11. I would be shocked if any radio station survived if they're only playing music. Good luck, I hope to see both stations do some interesting PnW-related shows.
  12. Any Comrades that need help / funding just send me a PM. I'll do what I can to carry on the Revolution. Good luck Comrades!
  13. Everyone uses Discord now instead of slack. Get with the times, geezers! Also welcome
  14. When we start having wars that don't end up with the traditional SyndiOOsphere vs. New ParaCov Order then I will believe things are changing.
  15. I know it's already been guessed but I feel like GPA is #6. Not sure who else it would be. Maybe SK?
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