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  1. I've heard mixed reviews of that game.
  2. I'd agree this would be an excellent suggestion as it is an accessibility feature which will level the playing field for people who are not able to use the facilities like your typical player would.
  3. Well then.... all I gotta say is:
  4. Nah, I think it would be quite good, and we could put on some nice performances. You could be the Mr. Socko to my Cactus Jack.
  5. I feel sorry for this "Grumpy Guardian", surely they have suffered enough?
  6. Hit me up some time, it's been too long.
  7. The fact that your fascination is genuine intrigues me. Those alliances will stay on in a vestigial state and probably should just disband or merge. But nostalgia is quite strong.
  8. Attachment is what various grumpy individuals appear to have to sodium chloride. They should realise too much is bad for the soul.
  9. Defined is what this thread is not.
  10. Accuracy is never the intended target, reality is more fun.
  11. Ahh I see, nothing major is happening, nobody of note is engaged in anything.
  12. Hey guys, I'm new here. What is happening, and why are so many of you moaning?
  13. Hey Polaris, I'm coming for your freeze pops!
  14. The fact that this uses Enjin and doesn't have a Hoo is a thumbs down for me.
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