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  1. That makes no sense. That's like saying race and racial identity don't align... if I'm a white guy who likes rap, that doesn't make me black, it's a function of my identity as a white person that I like rap. If you are female and present yourself as male, then that is a function of your identity as a female that you present yourself in that manner.
  2. You're wrong on this issue. There is no possible way for anyone to reply in good faith to such a toxic and racist thread. It should be closed, or else you're going to see a lot more pissed off replies, including from me.
  3. If you have a prostate gland, you are male. If you do not, you are female. If you are confused, see a proctologist and they will let you know what they find.
  4. Hey I keep getting notifications about my baseball players retiring which I really don't care about at all. How about an option regarding which things you want to be notified about?
  5. I want my bug bounty bonus, don't be cheap Sheepy.
  6. Congratulations to our good friends in Cornerstone Canstar you couldn't have picked a better alliance! (other than BK maybe lol) o/ CS
  7. If you're trying to save face may I recommend that you include an apology to Roy Mustang for how rude you were to him?
  8. Why are nations in vacation mode allowed to spew nonsense on the OWF? Pretty easy to talk shit when you can't be hit.
  9. 1. tS and their allies are constantly attacked first in wars without provocation 2. tS and their allies inevitable win these wars due to superior strategy and skill 3. tS and their allies are "caught" strategizing on how to win the next war once they are attacked first which always happens 4. ??? 5. Profit! (for tS and their allies) I know this is a concept that is somewhat lost on Alpha since they only know aggression as opposed to how to win a war, and really as a diplomat I have to say I would be absolutely ashamed if my leader was so disrespectful to Roy Mustang which was entirely uncalled for, but perhaps in the name of cultural diffusion you can understand that on our side of the treaty web we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We don't go on little tantrums if we have to go 30 seconds without a reply query then "threaten" to go to the OWF with leaked logs which really don't implicate anyone in doing anything dishonorable. You can say you had no ill intentions towards tS but the way you talked to Roy was beneath you as an alliance leader. It showed you have a lot of maturing to do as a leader, and it really does not bode well for your alliance that you have taken this path. I do feel sympathy for Alpha's allies in this situation and I would like to offer moral support if you choose not to cosign their immature aggressive nonsense against a standup alliance like tS and its fantastic leadership, particularly Roy Mustang, Partisan, and Jessica Rabbit. Your little grudge against tS, either due to envy, or sour grapes, or whatever is really your loss because you are missing out on having great times with awesome people. You are welcome to call this a CB Alpha since that's really the only reason you made this thread in the first place. There is no other ostensible reason to post unless it's to try to convince your allies that you have somehow been wronged, when in reality the necessity to strategize in defense of your inevitable attack is due to your own irrational politicking. o/ t$
  10. Maybe if you weren't so damn aggressive all the time then the Syndicate wouldn't have to plan for your inevitable invasion? o/ t$
  11. Congratulations on the new government. This calls for celebration - maybe you could run another drill!
  12. I'm deeply pleased to see this, it is no accident that CS and BK are now allies for we share many of the same values, experiences, and aspirations. It is a great honor to be allied to just a wondeful group of people. o/ CS o/ BK
  13. Very nice to see this! o/ Order of the White Rose! o/ BK
  14. If Sheepy approves it that will be my new nation name and I will use Sentinel Optik as my ruler name.
  15. Why is it our forum name has to be our ruler name not either our ruler or nation name? You can say oh what if someone switches things around and has the same ruler as someone else's nation or vice versa, but that can be handled on a first-come first-served basis in those rare instances, so the first person who registered the forum account keeps the name, and the other person has to use the ruler/nation name that doesn't match anyone else's name. I've had Sentinel Optik as a nation name since 2007 in NS and it is not a ruler name, it is a nation name, and it is the name I go by, not anything else. This is a very reasonable accomodation.
  16. Nobody in your microalliance is in my raid range, which is unfortunate. o/ VE
  17. Even if it's not exploitable it's still a global bug that affects gameplay, come on isn't that worth $500k?
  18. At update +1 hour I received a MAP but still could not buy spies.
  19. At new update (Midnight Orbis) I neither got MAPs nor was able to purchase spies. How long is true update going to be an hour off from what you say is update?
  20. Lol. Turn change occurred at 8 pm Orbis/1 pm Pacific time. I did not get a MAP until 9 pm Orbis/2 pm Pacific. Either turn changes give MAPs or they don't.
  21. I did not get a MAP for any of my four wars at the turn change that occurred at 7 am PST, and 2 pm Orbis time. This sounds like one of those $5 million bugs since it could totally be exploitable by everyone.
  22. I did not get a MAP for the turn change that occurred 25 minutes ago.
  23. Yeah he's not, would be interesting if he came over though.
  24. Congratulations on this! o/ Polaris o/ Pacifica
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