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  1. It was fun playing with/against you guys! Best of luck to you all.
  2. Thanks for your service Pangui! You've been great. Wasn't an easy job in this climate, and I think I can speak on behalf of UPN (current & old members) in saying that you showed great dedication to UPN. While it is sad, it is nice to see that the government is made up of guys who have also showed immense dedication. Looking forward to seeing Matt take over - well deserved, and probably somewhat overdue. Congrats! o/ UPN
  3. You're a [email protected]#$ retard. Steve doesn't make sense on most occasions, but this is one of the rare occasions he is.
  4. The point is that some awards were actually achieved -- in an objective sense. For example UPN finished as the #1 alliance in both rounds and so on. It would be cool if we had more badges for this round like "longest running alliance at #1" or "alliances with the most kills" or whatever else, that reflect objective measurables. I don't have an issue with the cosmetic changes in principle, for something like "best military alliance of the year" and it ending up at Mensa (which is most likely true), but can see the logic behind the criticism of it being a popularity contest. Especially with newer players/recruits, who may not be aware that it was purely voted on by people on the forums. tl;dr: My take is that awards should be based on objective measurables, not subjective opinions.
  5. Congrats guys! Acadia are the best allies you could wish for.
  6. ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: The Knights Radiant Most Powerful Alliance: tS Best Military: Mensa HQ Best Rookie Alliance: Teutonic Order Best Flag: Teutonic Order Best War Flag: New Pacific Order Most Active Alliance: Mensa HQ Most Honorable Alliance: UPN (or Cornerstone, depending on how you judge on what 'honorable' is) Most Improved Alliance: New Pacific Order Best Economic System: tS Best Recruiting Staff: BK Best Alliance Growth: TKR Most Immoral Alliance: TLF Most Controversial Alliance: Alpha PLAYER CATEGORIES Best Alliance Leader: Prefontaine Most Controversial Player: Placentica Best Player Avatar: Me Best IC Poster: Beatrix Nicest Player: TheNG Most Active Player: Kastor & Underlordgc WORST CATEGORIES Worst Alliance of the Year: TLF Worst Forum Poster: Greatkitteh
  7. I noticed there is a #spam channel on Discord. Greatkitteh should definetly mod it incase someone posts some non-spam there.
  8. When's your 14th birthday?
  9. Congrats Bezzers and best of luck.
  10. And then they fail to return the goods. Then the "One Unit of Food War" commences.
  11. Two of the greatest allies one could hope to have merging together! Sad but exciting at the same time. I am sure you will do great. Congrats!
  12. Props to the mod team for taking feedback into account.
  13. Ridiculous that this had to be said to be honest. But well said, and hopefully this will lay some of the 'issues' to rest.
  14. The moderators need to pretend like they are actually doing something...
  15. That why y'all didn't save Pantheon?
  16. Officially the longest thread in alliance announcements. Good work!
  17. I like IRC just because of the nostalgia -- and generally the "shitty" simple interface appeals to me. However the biggest pain with it was always explaining how to register accounts and shit like that to newcomes, and it would intimidate some of them that they just would not come. So Discord is fantastic to use for casual stuff like the game. If you are looking for communities (i.e programming help channels) IRC is still the best bet.
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