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  1. Summary Added City Membership Graph Added Warcost Tiering Added Infrastructure Lost Tiering Added Top 3 Damage Contributor Based on Each Tier Added Table of Military Strength City Tiering Added Military Comparison Graph City Tiering Added Table of Military Strength Score Tiering Added Military Comparison Graph Score Tiering
  2. Comprehensive Report GW18: Guns and Roses - Day 21 Date Generated: 13th June 2021 at Day Changes +1hrs Made by Wintercrest How the report generated: Using combinations of API Request Scope: 24th May 2021 up until now Firstly let me say thank you to all players that already supporting me and giving encouragement before, sometimes simplest things as appreciation mean the most. As you already know i made some report regarding GW18: Guns and Roses before in City Based Tiering Strength Comparison Report and Score Based Tiering Strength Comparison Report. Now these report
  3. Lmao okay, its just a suggestion tho from my new player perspective. Thank you for the history lesson, dearest ancient players. Your wisdom always appreciated. Well every feature have its pros and cons and every players have freedom to chose what their image would be. I'm just trying to figuring out an automated moderation mechanics based on a metric/variable.
  4. It could be combination of these factor: Applicants accepted as member Existing member exiting VM mode Or people from previous city tier building new cities (example from C30 to C31). I still count beiged nations, i exclude: VM mode Member Applicants
  5. Hi, i've noticed that Forum Reputation only counts positive reputation. For example: This guy has received Downvote more than Upvote but yet the community reputation listed in a positive note. It would be better if the community reputation also count downvote as net reputation, example of calculation: Net Reputation = (Upvote+Haha+Thanks)-Downvote Hopefully this will encourage positive forum atmosphere in the future and punish those who received bad reputation (for example if the reputation exceeds -1000 then they should be muted/banned temporarily from forum).
  6. UPDATED Quantity Based Comparison Graph UPDATED Average Strength Comparison Graph UPDATED Quantity Changes Since Last Reporting
  7. UPDATED Strength Comparison Graph UPDATED Strength Comparison Table ADDED Changes Table Since Last Reporting
  8. Hi everyone i'm making a new report based on Score Tieringhttps://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/31539-graph-gw18-guns-and-roses-military-comparison-score-based-tiering/
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