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  1. Welcome back Anna! No matter what happens I'm still rooting for your return, even if you're in a place where it's a forbidden place I'll never step into. =D
  2. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
  3. Once again congratulations on the merge!
  4. I literally spilled the water out of my mouth when I saw how big the font was and choke laughing when I saw how the font went to ant mode. A post that will haunt me for awhile.
  5. Yes I had to wait for enough MAPS to strike soldiers. That's why he did not strike immediately. We coordinated through in DMS. This isn't slot filling.
  6. I will clarify it is not slot filling, we were coordinating in DMs before Murtaza declared.
  7. Congratulations! More grandchildren to give cookies!
  8. Gib free Nitro to me before you leave Nokia.
  9. Happy Birthday! Nokia is finally a man! Yay. Gib Nitro. K thanks bye.
  10. This is a ridiculous decision and I swear it will just force more players to quit the game at some point. Being in no beige means the player will never get any recovery state at all. They can't do a thing during blockade, no trading, no action with zeroed military. (wait, the only thing they can do is fortify???) They can't even rebuy if they're out of warchest. And when the war is over, they can't even have enough time to do what they want and will be forced into a new war with no way to even fight back. I don't really care if you're bringing some other ideas to compensate of 'no beige' system. Beige is something necessary in the game. Killing it = Killing the players. No Beige = can't recover, under blockade forever (most likely), can't do trades at all, can't even fight back, gives advantage only to the aggressor Only Solution = Fortify, send unlimited nukes and missiles, and play baseball forever
  11. So it was not my eyes that I saw there were 3 titans on Pantheon page earlier. Congrats on the new treaty!
  12. Ummm, the war started when I was still in lalaland, the war ended when I was still in lalaland. So we've been defeated when I was still in lalaland. GG.
  13. Sounds yummy. I love chocolate so much that I lost some teeth at one point. Congrats!
  14. Yay Ridcully! Goomy! Congratulations for the birth of Wizard Citadel! Good luck!
  15. Good luck! >_< Oh well I'm waiting for that guy who always shows up and say 'Disband'. ?
  16. What now? Again? So people get happy when it gets nerfed the first time. And then when they see people enjoying time on the game again, and they can't do it themselves, they want to remove it? Once and again, people are completely ignorant that there are tips involved in the amt earned. Players also need to be reinvested when they retire. And 1k games daily does not guarantee you can earned 25million per day just exactly it is. The winning game earn is just an estimated random, depending on your opponents rating. Completely ignoring the time and cash people had to sacrifice to play baseball, and all you see is the surface is just plain salt, nothing else. Well I agree with you. And when people can't do it or find it a hassle, they just don't want others to earn something they can't bother to do. ?
  17. I still love you @Lord Tyrion. Congrats on the treaty!
  18. I may be a little late, but I wish you guys the best for the future regardless what others may have said. Surrender is not a shame even though 5 days is uhhhh little too short? I personally feel that just by participating the war and received criticism is a way to gain experience what comes along the way though.
  19. Congratulations on the victory. ❤️ With full of ❤️ from Titan's Mother. I have lower infra than you. And I cannot return soon. Help me. ?
  20. When you complained one time, you will complain a second time because it's not going your way. Let's be honest, the one should be nerfed is the brain of those who wants baseball be gone just because they refuse to have the other side having a side advantage of the game when it's an option to choose. You clapped your hands when Alex nerfed baseball, and you see people are still playing, and you complained again. Just because you refused to pay tips for the games and you want to blame people for playing the game. You're the one who is unfair when people played your games and you refused to pay tip. Ha.
  21. I think Alex does have a point, that this isn't a baseball simulator so it makes sense he doesn't want to spend time development into Baseball. But I do have to agree on one thing. Nerfing the baseball earning is okay by limit of 1000 games of profit and reduced 10% after those games which include away games that earn such little earnings, but lowering a bit prices of baseball players is not okay? Hmm, I think it's just a few simple adjustment though. There's no improvement or development on baseball which I think it's fine, it's okay if everyone's suggestion for baseball tournament does not get improved because that's considered as 'improvement'. But making the baseball players cost less wouldn't really hurt, right? Sometimes we even get an old player - 31 years old lol, which can't last as long as a 20 years old player, but investment on it is still the same. Luck or no luck I guess? Unlucky you got to play as hard as u could to get back what you spend on that 31 year old player. Maybe a suggestion that to have a 'fix' age on a baseball player? 18-20 years would be preferable for me. One more thing, I do think players age growing in VM is still a problem though. Might not be big, but still an issue. Hmm. Oh well.
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