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  1. AD doesnt protect bombadier and the only guy left is not in range and is already has a war declared by our members.
  2. Abandon ship! that alliance is 40% greys and around 50% inactive, they dont teach how to build cities or do anything correctly and they rarely counter for you. I would recommend joining my alliance but we require 6 cities to join. so instead i recommend joining Black Knights or The Golden Horde as they are very helpful for new players.
  3. That one had 3 people ready to declare on him but lucky for him we noticed he left the alliance at the last second.
  4. @Ukunaka you need to update this page most info is out of date. @everyone else: Join the empire!
  5. We were going to declare war on you guys, but the only other guy in your alliance that isnt too small for anyone to hit, left right as we were going to declare.
  6. Hello, I'm a new player looking for an active alliance not afraid of war.
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