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  1. TL;DR: The market is overpriced and we need people to lower prices more so people can actually play the game Dear Market, You have become overpriced, just a few months ago, a credit was 11 million and food was $65, now, credits cost 19 million and $300. I am the leader of a struggling micro, we are trying our best to play the game, expand, and get better. However we don't have food or coal or gas or oil or munitions or steel or aluminium to help build nations and we don't have the ability to advertise because we don't have the money for credits. We are now starting a market for just our alliance, however my nation has lost half it's money to kickstart it. And the worst part is, I can't even incentivise the market to fix itself because the market we have in game is the best market in the game. Raising the price would hurt the 85% of nations that are in no allaince or micros and the 81% of allainces that are micros. Lowering the price would make a market less profitable. The market right now is very profitable, however it is also very hard to get into the exclusive club that can make money off of the market without hurting your own nation in the process. And we need to fix it to make sure that everyone can profit off of our market. From, The leader of just another micro.
  2. A few days ago, there was an affair between three alliances, Phoenix Rising, Nova Riata, and The Pyramid Corporation. This resulted in a breakdown of relations between TPC, and Nova, along with the resignation of TPC vice president Erik Skaug aka Jayfeather. It has come to my attention that many people believe that Jayfeather was responsible for the whole affair, and while the leaks on discord do show this, this is simply untrue. As the leader of TPC, I feel it is my responsibility to protect all members of the alliance, whether or not they are still within it. Lets, start from the beginning. TPC was and still is looking for a protectorate. We came across Nova Riata, and they said while they are not allowed to have any FA inquiries as a result of their bloc's rule, TPC was still allowed to seek advice from them. at the time of this, 3 of the 4 members of TPC, including myself and Jayfeather, were from Phoenix Rising. At this time, there was a dispute between Jayfeather and the other member from PR, Kaiser Jurgen, on the TPC discord general channel. I apologised to njordor, from Nova Riata about what was happening, and I said there was simply an IA issue. I was then informed in a Government channel that PR was asking for a merge, and they were threatening to use force. There was a raider from Phoenix Rising that just happened to start invading me at almost the same time so it sounded pretty legit. I told Jayfeather about how I was talking to njordor and I told him to convince njordor to convice Sean Anthony to adopt a don't attack micro's policy, but in a way that didn't sound like it came from us. I told this to Jayfeather on the TPC FA department channel, which had 4 people on it. One of these 4 people contacted njordor and went over the top with what he said. Eventually, Njordor was convince PR wanted war and then ... exposed that the over the top guy was jayfeather. This ruined a protectorate negotiation with NPO, nearly started a NR-PR war, and also ruined jayfeather's reputation. I would like to say that Jayfeather was simply unaware of what he was doing, and went a bit over the top in a job that he was supposed to do, and I would like to apologize to Jayfeather, for ruining his reputation. Edit: A lot of people were asking why this was important, the reason is that I need to clear up a guy I know's rep and TPC is my new allaince. This Rumor was also damaging the FA of many other allainces so I felt the need to clarify what happened.
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