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  1. I am just trying to speed up the process :duccccccccccc2:
  2. New Attack Type for Ground Unit: Steal Land Each 1000 tanks used steals 10 unit of land. The land is stolen from the city with the most land in defender country and given to the most land city to aggressor. If the defender has less than 1000 land/city, then only all the land is stolen. The attack destroys 25% more infrastructure and kills 50% more planes and targets military improvements. You have to use at least 75% of your total maximum tank capacity to do this attack. This is the total number of tanks you currently possess. Attacker uses 1.5 less more gasoline and 1.5 times less munitions. Enemy Causality is increased by 25%. You do not need to have ground control to use this attack type. @Majima Goro much better, right?
  3. You successfully gathered intelligence about Ottoman Empire. Your spies discovered that Ottoman Empire has 0 spies, $0, 0 coal, 0 oil, 0 uranium, 0 lead, 0 iron, 0 bauxite, 0 gasoline, 0 munitions, 0 steel, 0 aluminum, and 0 food. Your agents were able to operate undetected. The operation cost you $-18,186.53 and -5 of your spies were captured and executed.
  4. Roasis, Fam, no need to reply to this. I gotcha guys! @His Holy Decagon You’re nitpicking and biased, I win, bye bye.
  5. Its great to know this community is so underground that everyone can understand graphs like these.
  6. Well it’s been fun! Good thing Dyana and Titan haven’t quit, that would be truly devastating!
  7. I went through 15 minutes trying to recover my password to upvote this. Nice job!
  8. Don’t worry We can always get him banned for breaking Discord and P&W TOS
  9. Up next: @Polar Bear ArcticExplorer becomes the world’s youngest millionaire as he takes back his proof accusations.
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