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  1. Razgriz24

    Market Regulation or Market Manipulation?

    The real question is... is this action globalism or not?
  2. Razgriz24

    I got Kruelly Kicked out of Knights Templar

    The opinions expressed in the above publication are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of InfoWars (Ltd.), its reporters or its members.
  3. Razgriz24

    SNN: Money for Nothing

    Shifty, expose the globalist scum!
  4. Razgriz24


    Sorry for your loss.
  5. Break out of your television-induced smartphone TRANCE! Come to the WINNING TEAM before its TOO LATE! Joining the #RESISTANCE includes: Free Discord interview HERE Several cities funded Infrastructure development funds usually Economic education Being active on Discord for even more funds for sure, a really good idea folks, I mean we're here to have fun and want others to enjoy it and show they care before you get the lambspread. THE RESISTANCE IS NOT CHEAP AND YOU NEED TO BE WILLING TO BE AWESOME! TO EMBRACE LIFE! WE ARE HUMAN AND THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS LIKE! Good times with new friends #RESISTING tyranny Discord Contact - https://discord.gg/bnaMCVE Alliance Link - https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4397
  6. A Declaration of Theme Change - Wild Fire (WiFi) is now known as InfoWars (Info) People who identify as ladies and gentlemen, It was July 4th, 2018. MackyG and Razgriz24 were the hosts and humble water filter salesmen. We proclaimed a WAR ON GLOBALIST SCUM. And I can undoubtedly, with butterflies in my stomach, which I never have, even speaking in front of thousands of people in a hall, I can unequivocally tell you that this is going to be the most important alliance hands down. Now we have not been blindsided by the people waking up, but it’s almost like a bus that ran me over two years ago, it’s old news to us. But the new news is that it’s now breaking nationwide and worldwide, and is a symbol and an indicator of the sleeping giant that is the people awakening. And the entire globalist program has been built and designed to block what you are about to see unfold. I’m going to make this announcement here today, and I’m going to lay out some plans from my deep study of nutriceuticals and economics that can fortify this alliance if you execute them. Victory is in our grasp. People don’t know they’re in tyranny until it really starts to get bad. I hope you’re listening to me. What we really want is a new Declaration of Independence issued July 4, 1776; but on a different day and year. Are you listening you you globalist scum? SCUM! YES SCUM! Guaranteed to anyone who joins our RESISTANCE is an interview on discord, where you will be debriefed on the blueprint of WINNING. If you agree, you will become a member with full potential for economic relief for cities and infrastructure and low low taxes because taxation is theft but we only will take a little because roads are important especially to the defense of the nation like that Eisenhower plan to use highways as air strips in case of invasion LISTEN TO ME THEY HAVE BEEN PLANNING THE GLOBAL TAKE OVER FOR A LONG TIME FOLKS! WAKE UP! JOIN UP! RISE UP! YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE! InfoWars Discord: https://discord.gg/bnaMCVE

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