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  1. If you sign up for Strickland Prime you will receive monthly shipments of not only sweet sweet propane but also Super Propane Vitality which will negate and reverse all the atrazine and glyphosate in the tap water as well as 30 StricklandWars.com bumper stickers that you didn't ask for.
  2. Woah guys, y'all still use the forums? That's hecka retro and awesome! My legal team advises me to make a post here so that all the e-lawyers aren't confused at a later point and whatnot. In defense of Eclipse (and we already were under attack anyway, accidental or not) We, the propane defense militia of Strickland Propane, declare WAR on the Knights Templar (ask them why). With Strickland's large numbers and staggeringly enormous ego, we intend to rapidly shift the tides of this great war into our favor. ~Semper Propanus
  3. A fantastic start to the new year! Congratulations Ataxia!
  4. We've come a long, long way togetherThrough the hard times and the goodI have to celebrate you, babyI have to praise you like I shouldWe've come a long, long way togetherThrough the hard times and the goodI have to celebrate you, babyI have to praise you like I shouldI have to praise youI have to praise youI have to praise youI have to praise you like I should
  5. Coalition Alphabet Soup: Aurora, Carthago, Church of Atom, Empyrea, Fark, The Fighting Pacifists, The Golden Horde, Grumpy Old Bastards, Guardian, House Stark, The Immortals, The Knights Radiant, The Lost Empire, Oblivion, Order of the White Rose, Rose, Sanreizan, Seven Kingdoms, Silenzio, Soup Kitchen, The Syndicate/The Enterprise, Terminus Est, Typhon, The United Armies and tCW Bloc (The Commonwealth, Demacia, The Manhattan Cartel, North Point, Weebunism) and Strickland Propane (formerly InfoWars), announce an end to hostilities and a white peace between all parties. No new wars shall be declared between any of the aforementioned parties, and all current wars shall be allowed to expire, beiged or peaced out. No-entry into the war, aid to Coalition B, and acceptance of Coalition B ghosts/members will be allowed by Strickland Propane for the duration of the war. Starting immediately, a Non-Aggression Pact shall be in affect between Coalition Alphabet Soup and Strickland Propane. At the cessation of hostilities between Coalition Alphabet Soup and Coalition B, a Non-aggression pact of 6 months shall commence immediately after. Signed for Coalition Alphabet Soup: -Darth Ataxia Signed for TCW Bloc: -Sphinx Signed for Strickland Propane: -Rhino -Razgriz24 -Stukka -Those who BBQ with clean burning fuels Hannah Rules
  6. You cannot bring balance to the force. Only a Sith Lord deals in absolutes! We're all participating in history here
  7. "I'm losing in wars, please fix things that aren't broken so I can win?!"
  8. I already have a name... I'm afraid if I change it, it will cause much confusion. Or is that what they want me to think?? The post office will always know where I am no matter what name I use
  9. So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous upvotes.
  10. Amazing! Spreading fake news is VERY SAD!
  11. I think it's some sort of inter-dimensional thing, that or attacking where least expected? I read Art of War and I think that was a heavy influence on the decision to make the title.
  12. The real question is... is this action globalism or not?
  13. The opinions expressed in the above publication are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of InfoWars (Ltd.), its reporters or its members.
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