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  1. Patrick Stewart

    Rip Alpha

  2. Patrick Stewart

    Alpha Announcement

    He's Fark, and thanks for the compliment
  3. Patrick Stewart

    Pantheon Update

    This might translate better:
  4. Patrick Stewart

    Alpha Announcement

  5. Patrick Stewart

    Alpha Announcement

    thanks bby
  6. Patrick Stewart


  7. Patrick Stewart

    Nuke Kids on the Bloc

    >RCI lmao
  8. Patrick Stewart

    Chilcot Report

    Wow, for once I agree with Rozalia in one of these threads
  9. Patrick Stewart

    Rules Clarification

    I was going to point out that it is "Guerrilla Tactics" not "Gorilla Tactics", but the amount of self important chest beating that is going on by people in this thread makes Gorilla Tactics equally as valid
  10. Patrick Stewart

    Attack of the Stevearoos

    About you personally attacking someone? Okay, maybe tell that to ya boyz at tS
  11. Patrick Stewart

    A quick Partisan note to NPO

    Manthrax keeps bringing it up, pal
  12. Patrick Stewart

    Should Great Britain leave the EU?

    My view

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