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  1. After all these years Kastor I thought by now you'd realise thinking isn't your greatest forte.? We've got enough corruption issues in the community as is.
  2. Dude. The only reason Alliances are disbanding is because of poor leadership and the refusal to surrender or pay reparations
  3. Pretty sure I remember just last year BK and NPO were blowing the shit out of each others infra. I'd remember since I was involved in those wars. That aside how's your nation score going?
  4. Jesus christ you guys are disgusting
  5. What? no "Vacation Wars"? I guess I'll pick something then.
  6. Devastated in-game and the forums, ouch
  7. Funny how in the movie the Spartan's are fighting for freedom when they were the only side in that fight that had slaves.
  8. There you go again. With your delusional fantasies. You literally sound like one of those batshit insane Trump supporters. Every little thing that came out your post is exactly word for word what I'd expect one of those "Alt-right" Supporters to spout out. It's like your some kinda troll. WHITE POWER!!!!
  9. Sorry it's hard to tell sometimes. Cause I know there are people out their that genuinely believe this.
  10. Fight me. Punk. Go ahead. Click on my nation link ;^) So anal cavities aren't real now? You know what, It would be rude of me to challenge the mentally handicapped. Shhhh... don't let anyone know that. You'll ruin the fun
  11. I've seen a few of your posts now and it seems all you can do you rage about Trump and the end of the world. Your more delusion then those Redneck, hillbilly, gun-tooting, Trump support's. so you can better find yourself
  12. Honestly I used to go to scouts here and it was Unisex. We didn't have too many problems at all. I don't know why your American culture is so shit. Everyone's getting picked on and teased. Anyways I believe simple rules will avoid all of this.
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