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  1. After all these years Kastor I thought by now you'd realise thinking isn't your greatest forte.? We've got enough corruption issues in the community as is.
  2. Dude. The only reason Alliances are disbanding is because of poor leadership and the refusal to surrender or pay reparations
  3. Pretty sure I remember just last year BK and NPO were blowing the shit out of each others infra. I'd remember since I was involved in those wars. That aside how's your nation score going?
  4. Jesus christ you guys are disgusting
  5. What? no "Vacation Wars"? I guess I'll pick something then.
  6. Devastated in-game and the forums, ouch
  7. Funny how in the movie the Spartan's are fighting for freedom when they were the only side in that fight that had slaves.
  8. There you go again. With your delusional fantasies. You literally sound like one of those batshit insane Trump supporters. Every little thing that came out your post is exactly word for word what I'd expect one of those "Alt-right" Supporters to spout out. It's like your some kinda troll. WHITE POWER!!!!
  9. Sorry it's hard to tell sometimes. Cause I know there are people out their that genuinely believe this.
  10. Fight me. Punk. Go ahead. Click on my nation link ;^) So anal cavities aren't real now? You know what, It would be rude of me to challenge the mentally handicapped. Shhhh... don't let anyone know that. You'll ruin the fun
  11. I've seen a few of your posts now and it seems all you can do you rage about Trump and the end of the world. Your more delusion then those Redneck, hillbilly, gun-tooting, Trump support's. so you can better find yourself
  12. Honestly I used to go to scouts here and it was Unisex. We didn't have too many problems at all. I don't know why your American culture is so shit. Everyone's getting picked on and teased. Anyways I believe simple rules will avoid all of this.
  13. Bernie bent over and took it from the establishment whilst Trump tackles them head on (4d chess, lol). This is the face of a man who has just been screwed over by a pot-bellied goblin because the establishment deemed it so. He just has to sit tight and act like everything is fine knowing that Hillary's election was all a sham. That the entire DNC is run by a group of corrupts. Trump is certainly a better president. Have you seen how well he's been going with foreign relations.
  14. People have a right to express themselves. It's not like he went around killing gay people. He just went around killing everyone that didn't elect him when Zanu-PF first came to power and rival tribes https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/may/19/mugabe-zimbabwe-gukurahundi-massacre-matabeleland Don't forget Obama's Nobel Peace Prize. We've been living in bizarro land for quite some time. https://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/famous-inventors/nobel-peace-prize-ironic1.htm
  15. That's 4chan for you. All this conflicting news report's I think is just a divide and conquer tactic coupled with trolls. Also I believe someone's trying to start a Civil War.
  16. I think we need to look into what kinda drug's these people were taking before they went on a massacre. America is like the only country that dispense's funky medicine like candy to people with "apparent" depression. Driving them to suicide or psychosis, then claiming afterwards "that would have happened without the medication anyways, we were just trying to help" If you ever get board check out these scoundrels. It's funny how america's like the only country in the world that frequently get's mass shooting(MK Ultra) in public and schools. And no, don't bother pointing out 3rd world countries. There they atleast have good enough reason's to shoot and stab eachother.
  17. I'm lazy. My live is trivial enough. I don't need to fill it with anymore frivolity. I hope their efforts make an impact on those they help and not shitting on the street you really showed him.... I'm tired of people full of shit acting and trying to help and not actually addressing the tissues(haha) at hand.
  18. Democracy... Your hasty action is proof of it's inefficiency. Take months to pass a bill. People will always be pissed about something. That's why government really doesn't give a shit about the people. We look at them as if they don't care, because they're not giving us what we want, but they are giving us what we need. They do their best yet they still live on as the unsung hero.
  19. Burning money... Really? there is probably a starving hobo not even to blocks away that would be more than grateful for it.
  20. Are these guys seriously extorting every nation on PnW. This is hilarious
  21. I voted in the other threads... But judging by the month , I'm sure people have lost interest
  22. Quite the imagination you've got there. If sheepy ever wishes to end PnW that should be the top idea on his list @Dr Rush(make this happen)
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